How to get rid of your own stress

How to get rid of your own stress

Interestingly, many people like to be constantly busy and multitasking. Of course, this does not prevent them from complaining about the stress brought by the density. Stress has names such as excitement, motivation, energy and pressure. The right amount of stress helps keep you motivated and focused so you can accomplish incredible things. If the stress in your life has made you addicted to an adrenaline rush, you need to take back control. Because in the long run, your adrenaline glands will get tired from overworking and cause health problems. To reduce your stress, you need to change your reactions to stressful events. It’s easier said than done, but some methods are not impossible to apply.

Here are a few ways to get started…

Instead of reacting instantly to events, stop and think.

For example, you received an e-mail that drove you crazy, or a conversation with your customer drove you crazy. Before you respond right away, give yourself some time to think about it, weigh things up, and then do whatever you want to do.

Try laughing at the situation instead of crying

For example, you had a situation that you didn’t like with your boss or your spouse. You felt unappreciated and worthless. Normally, most women start crying as the first reaction to such a situation. Before you turn on the taps, stop and try to think things through objectively. Your boss may not like a job you are doing on the project you are working on, and he doesn’t have to like it. Instead of crying, think about why you want to overreact to something like this and laugh at yourself.

When faced with a stressful situation, try to isolate yourself instead of sinking into it.

When you feel that your stress is increasing, your hands are shaking and you are starting to see red everywhere, try to get away from the environment. Change the room you are in, go out and walk, so do whatever calms you down. In short, change the channel. If you don’t, your stress will increase and affect your mood.

Be mindful of the way you solve problems

The way you solve problems at work, at home or with friends either puts a heavy burden on your back or strengthens your relationship with the other person. Remember that although it is right to raise your voice in the face of a situation you do not like, overdoing it also damages your relationship with the other party.

Don’t push yourself into negative thoughts

The way we communicate with ourselves generally begins to take shape in our childhood and continues in a similar way in the following years. When you make a mistake “How stupid I am!”, “I failed again!” Try to be calmer instead of stretching yourself by making sentences like this. Also, try to focus on the positive aspects of the events you experience, not the negative aspects.

Don’t dwell too much on things that stress you out.

Let’s say there is a subject that bothers you and makes you bite your nails because of stress. Even if this subject is not on your mind, talking about it all the time, telling your friends or family about the same thing will pull you into a deeper stress vortex.

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