How to cut baby nails?  |  Mother

How to cut baby nails? | Mother

One of the most important things in baby care is nail cutting. That’s why you should trim your baby’s fingernails weekly and toenails monthly. You can follow our 4-step guide to trimming your newborn’s nails.

First of all, you should know that the best time to cut your baby’s nails is after a bath and when your baby is asleep. When you carefully cut your baby’s nails, your baby’s nail care takes 30-35 minutes.

If you want to cut your baby’s nails after bathing, you have chosen the right time. Place your baby in a comfortable place, you can ask someone to help you and hold the baby. If you direct your baby’s attention to a toy, you can cut nails more easily and accurately.

If you want to cut your baby’s nails while he is awake, hold his fingers tightly to protect them from injuries and accidents because your baby will want to cover his hands frequently.

This process is extremely important so that your baby does not injure or scratch his face and body with his own nails. After cutting your baby’s nails, be sure to smooth their nails with a baby file.

Cutting your baby’s toenails will not be as difficult as fingernails. Don’t forget to smooth it out with a baby rasp after carefully cutting it.

Why do doctors recommend that babies’ nails should be trimmed frequently?

Although babies do not have sufficient muscle control and can injure their own body while playing when their nails are long, doctors make such a recommendation.

What are the essentials to cut baby’s nails safely?

Baby nail clippers and baby nail files, which are round and not very sharp, will be enough for your baby’s nail clipping.

What should I do if I accidentally hurt baby’s fingers while clipping nails?

There is a possibility that you may cause minor damage to your baby’s finger or soft skin during nail clipping. If such an accident occurs, immediately take a piece of sterile cloth or gauze and apply it to the wound. Cotton can stick to your baby’s skin, so don’t use cotton.

  • Never use adult nail clippers when trimming your baby’s nails.

  • The best way to cut your baby’s nails safely is to do this when he is cheerful. If you can keep your baby in a good mood, you can cut their nails without any problems.

  • Avoid trimming your baby’s nails when you see them restless, you may hurt them or they may be hurt.

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