How to clean white shoes

How to clean white shoes

When your shoes are stained, do not immediately hug a wet tissue. Some dirt can settle more on the shoe tissue with a wet wipe. Instead, brush horizontally with a dry tissue or paper towel, without pressing too hard. stained white shoes You can use an unused shoe brush, toothbrush or pumice stone. If these are not at hand, the back of the sponge is also suitable for roughly removing dirt.

Ballpoint pen stain, grass stain, mud stain, tea stain, coffee stain, blood stain… “How to clean white shoe stains?” The answer to the question depends on whether the shoes are leather or fabric. Usually made of canvas fabric and “Sand shoes” You can clean the type of shoes we call by hand using laundry detergent. For tips on washing shoes in the washing machine, read on.

Shoes made of canvas fabric, which we call “cloth shoes”, can usually be washed in the washing machine. “Can sneakers be washed in the washing machine?” You may also be wondering. Many sneakers can also be machine washed, but the most recommended method for sneakers that cannot be machine washed, cleaning sneakers with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

There are some tricks of washing shoes in the washing machine. It is necessary to pay attention to some details, especially for white shoes. For example, if there is mud on the shoe, throwing it straight into the machine does not work well. First you need to dry brushing. Liquid stains should be removed with a dry towel or paper towel as soon as possible before they penetrate thoroughly. If the liquid stain is now dry, you can try to gently rub the diluted bleach or carbonated water on the stain according to the density of the stain. Applying this to every shoe may not give you the result you want.

First of all, follow the washing instructions in the user manual given when purchasing your shoes. If you do not have such an instruction at hand, make sure that there are no items that could fall out, such as staples or beads, before cleaning the shoes. Remove the laces beforehand and hand wash and hang. Before putting the shoes in the washing machine, brush them on a garbage bag with a soft brush and remove any soil or dirt that accumulates in the folds of the sole with a stiff brush. You can also use toothpicks for small folds. One shoe washing net Use it or put your shoes inside an old pillowcase and tie the cover. Put a small amount of detergent into the detergent dispenser. Using powder detergent may give better results, but it is not necessary to use a large amount. Run the machine at low speed and spin at low speed. After the washing is finished, take the shoes outside, in an airy place, without waiting too long in the machine, and dry them by leaning them on an incline, such as a wall. Direct sunlight can harden the shoe and distort its shape. It would be better if you prefer a warm and airy place instead.

Putting your white shoes, which have been worn for a long time and never been washed, in the washing machine after soaking them in carbonated water for a few hours is another method you can use to remove settled dirt.

You may want to consider washing white shoes, light-colored shoes or sneakers at a high temperature for hygienic cleaning. It may also seem like a good idea to wash them directly with hot water to remove stains from white shoes. However, instead of throwing the shoes directly into the machine, it is a better approach to work on the dirt first and then wash them in the machine. Although it is recommended to wash white clothes at 60 or 90 degrees for hygienic cleaning, high water temperature is not suitable for shoes. You can wash cloth shoes or sports shoes at 30 degrees. If you still see that the stain is not removed after washing, continue working on the stain. Make a paste of one tablespoon of baking soda with water and apply it on the stain. Brush it off after a while. Rinse by wiping with a wet cloth. If necessary, put your shoes back in the washing machine and this time just run the rinsing program.

Stain remover formula recipe for white shoes

The formula for cleaning shoes at home is simple! If you want to make a homemade cleaning liquid to remove stains from white shoes, there is an easily available ingredient: oxygenated water with 3% hydrogen peroxide, used to clean wounds. Hydrogen peroxide, which is a strong substance used for bleaching and sterilization, disappears without leaving any residue and its usage area is quite wide. Mix oxygenated water, which you can find in pharmacies as 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, with drinking water in a 1:1 ratio. Wipe the stained area of ​​the shoe with this liquid by pouring it on a clean and dry cloth. You don’t need to rinse. Always wear gloves and ventilate the environment while performing all operations. Do not forget to try any cleaning product you will use in a small area first and use it carefully for your health. Leave the cleaned shoes to dry in a warm place that is ventilated and out of direct sunlight. Alternatively, you can use a dropper or spray bottle when applying a cleaning liquid on the stain. Another tip: If you want your shoes to stay stable during stain removal, fill them with pieces of paper towels or dry cleaning cloths. These cleaning methods are also useful for smelly shoes.

Shoe stain removal method with bleach

Add 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 liter of water and mix without foaming. For small stain, touch the tip of 1 ear cleaning stick to water and run it over the stain without pressing. For larger stains, touch the tip of a toothbrush to the water and run it over the stain. While doing this, make a superficial brushing motion and sweep lightly.

your shoes cream or white soles deserves special attention. Cleaning and maintenance of white shoes In addition, there are some tricks for cleaning the soles of shoes with white soles:

  • Applying a particulate cream cleanser to a dry cloth the sole of the shoe and especially the sides. Doing this with a toothbrush also gives good results.

  • For stubborn stains on the sole of the shoes, you can apply on the stain by lightly pouring acetone on a paper towel.

  • You can wipe the sole of the shoes with 1:1 diluted bleach.

  • Applied in sports shoes and artificial leather shoes shoe cleaning techniques with toothpaste and toothbrush You can use a hard toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste for rubbing the leather parts of the shoes.

Do not forget to read the instructions for use of auxiliary products, try on a small surface, use gloves and ventilate the environment well in any cleaning you will do.

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