How to clean the bottom of the iron?  |  Life

How to clean the bottom of the iron? | Life

It is now very easy to clean the blackened iron bottom. It is possible to get rid of the stains with a few materials at home.

There are several ways to clean irons with six black spots. Here are some of them:

Pour a generous amount of salt onto a piece of newsprint. Start your iron on medium heat. Then press the iron over the salt. After waiting for a while, clean the bottom of the iron with a warm cloth. You will see the stains on the bottom of the iron come out. Click to read 8 tips that will make ironing easier…

First, heat some white vinegar in a coffee pot. Gently rub the stained part of the soleplate with vinegar on a clean cloth or towel. You will see the stains come out slowly. But surely white vinegar you should prefer, other types of vinegar will cause more staining of the iron gold. You can clean the perforated parts on the soleplate of the iron with an ear stick.

Squeeze half of the lemon into a bowl and add 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Then mix these two together to get a thick consistency. Apply this mixture to the stained parts under the iron and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Gently rub the soleplate with a clean cloth or towel. You will see that the stains are gone. Click to read the article on things that can be done with carbonate…

Small amount of iron tooth pasteApply and start rubbing with a clean cloth that you have preheated. Then turn on the iron, steam a few times and iron the cloth for a few minutes.

Add some lemon salt to a boiling water and turn on the iron. Then press the steam button, the lemon salt will dissolve the lime scale inside the iron.

a little bit vinegar and pour the water into the iron’s chamber. Then turn the iron on and press the steam button so that the vinegar can reach the pores. After repeating it a few times, set the iron aside to cool and empty the remaining vinegary water inside.

Pour equal amounts of water and vinegar into the tank of your iron. Then run your iron again so that the vinegar reaches the pores. After repeating this process a few times, wait for your iron to cool down and empty the remaining vinegar water. If you apply this process periodically, it will prevent the formation of lime.

Not: Using drinking water instead of tap water will be effective in extending the life of your iron.

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