How to clean properly?  |  Life

How to clean properly? | Life

You have tools, but the real work is how you use them.

Stacking too many dishes in your machine’s basket may affect your appliance’s ability to reach its contents with water and detergent – so they won’t be cleaned. Even worse, if you rinse your dishes beforehand, you may not notice this.

When it comes to wood cutting boards, detergent and water may not be sufficient. When you cut raw red or white meat on your board, you need to clean the board very, very well. Bacteria will grow quickly on your cutting board due to the pieces of flesh left between the wood. When preparing your next meal, you should make sure your board is clean.

Faucets, handles, and door handles are some of the most touched areas in the home – hence the most infected places. Keep bacteria away by cleaning with disinfectant wipes every day.

Since your coffee maker is the ideal place for bacteria and mold, it needs to be cleaned after each use – not just the pot, but every part used. Think how tasty your coffee will be!

When you spray polish directly, there is a hard-to-remove buildup on the furniture, attracting even more dust. To avoid this, use the polish by squeezing it on a piece of cloth.

If you use your cleaning cloth more than necessary, you are spreading the germs all over the house. Even if your diaper does not look old, it should be changed daily.

It doesn’t do much good to use a tool that simply takes the dust from one place to another, is it? Instead, use microfiber cloths that can trap particles.

So before washing. If you try to clean the window sills with any material before dusting them, a dirty, awful liquid will collect on your sills.

After using the wet toilet brush, which is the ideal breeding site for bacteria, you can place it diagonally on the toilet bowl and let it drip dry instead of putting it directly into its place.

If you’ve noticed an unpleasant smell, especially from the kitchen, you may not be cleaning your trash can sufficiently. To keep unpleasant odors under control, wipe your garbage can once a week with a cleanser containing bleach.

Let the cleaners you use between tiles for a few minutes before wiping. In this way, you can make your job easier by softening and dissolving soap residues and stains.

Before wiping your keyboard with an antiseptic cloth, turn it over and make sure the food crumbs have fallen off – otherwise you may have to deal with a bigger mess.

Although this oil-fighting product is quite powerful, it leaves marks on surfaces that are not plates or glasses. Therefore, do not use liquid dishwashing detergents on car windows or mirrors.

Yes, you want to sleep on the softest sheet. But using more products than the manufacturer recommends will have the opposite effect. Too much softener makes the fabric stiff and spoils its structure; It decreases the absorbent power of the towels.

These cleaning heroes are useless unless they are disinfected every few days. Put your sponge in water, place it on a sturdy plate, and microwave it for one minute.

Do not settle for shaking the blender and wiping around after making your drink. You have to take out the blades and wash them one by one.

Sometimes we can use more detergent than normal for extra dirty laundry. However, it seems that when used too much, detergent and stains cannot be removed from clothes.

The medicine cabinet may seem like a safe, germ-free zone; however, the absence of light creates a suitable breeding ground for bacteria. Instead, put your toothbrush in a bright place – just make sure you close the toilet lid before flushing.

If your fridge bags are from “reusable” snaps, be sure to turn these bags upside down while washing them.

While a warm, sunny day may seem like the most pleasant moment for this business, the heat causes your cleaner to dry on the glass before you finish the cleaning – leaving traces behind. May cloudy days be your best friend.

Forget this and watch the dirt spread throughout your home. Clean the bowl after each use. If you are using a bagged machine, replace the bag when one third is full.

Since garlic is very sticky, it can stick to the cracks in your air and make your job difficult. So choose to hand wash these types of utensils rather than throw them in the dishwasher.

First of all, you should run your garbage disposal regularly and not collect any food in it. And to avoid occasional bad odors, you should let it feel refreshed. Grind ice or orange peel to clean the blades and remove the odor.

Yes, you don’t want to think about it; however, many people touch these things. So clean it with antiseptic wipes at least once a week.

Unfortunately, sometimes food gets caught in your machine’s filter and brings bad odors with it. Therefore, once a month, you should remove the filter, wash it thoroughly, and run the machine empty.

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