How to choose the right product for eyebrow makeup?

How to choose the right product for eyebrow makeup?

Although we think that trends generally show changes in skin, lips and eye makeup, in fact, eyebrows are also taking their share of trends. In the past, thin eyebrows were the trend, later scattered eyebrows and finally thick eyebrows became quite fashionable. Although eyebrow make-up may seem like a small detail, it is actually a very important step that adds meaning to your face.

There are two different products that can be used for eyebrow filling. The first one is eyebrow pencil. The first thing to consider when choosing eyebrow pencil is the softness of the pencil. The softer the pencil, the less damage you can get off your eyebrows. Because hard pencils can damage your hair follicles and cause your eyebrows to break. When using eyebrow pencil, you can shape the direction of hair growth by holding the pencil horizontally. But the most efficient product you will use when applying eyebrow makeup is eyebrow eyeshadows. Since you will use a brush, you can get a more natural look and complete your make-up without damaging your eyebrows. While applying eyebrow shadow, you can paint in the direction of hair follicle growth with the help of a thin and horizontal eyebrow brush.

When choosing the right eyebrow product for your eyebrow color, what you need to know is your skin undertone. Knowing your skin undertone determines whether you can use ashy or warm tones when choosing your eyebrow product. When choosing an eyebrow product, you should base your eyebrow color, not your hair color. Since the hair and eyebrow color may differ, it may cause you to create an artificial look. Generally, using a shade lighter than eyebrow color will help you fill your eyebrows more naturally. Before filling your eyebrows, you should comb up with an eyebrow comb to identify the gaps and fill your eyebrows accordingly.

After filling your eyebrows, be sure to fix your eyebrows with an eyebrow wax or eyebrow mascara. During the day, your eyebrows should be fixed so that they do not scatter and create a bad appearance. However, you get a natural look by passing over your eyebrows that you fill with eyebrow mascara.

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