How to be a good lover  |  Relationship

How to be a good lover | Relationship

If you bring out the goddess inside you and create your own style, you can get a more special place than any woman she has ever been with. Of course, no matter how your personality is shaped, there are facts you shouldn’t ignore:

Since women have a different mindset than men, they may be overly sensitive at times when they want to express themselves and may panic and confuse more. You should know that there are non-threatening ways of expressing exactly what you want to say. Many therapists recommend trying the phrase ‘when you…, when you… feel’ in such situations. This will allow you to explain yourself without making them angry. And if they ask you how you feel, if you’re not really ‘good’, you should never say you are okay. Mind games do not like men, they tire them. They will always like to find a woman who speaks clearly and clearly like them.

If he is tired, angry or upset, let him experience these feelings. Men also have the right to occasionally break with the world around them. You shouldn’t take it as a threat to yourself or your relationship whenever you’re unhappy or withdrawn. Show kindness.

This idea can be applied to every aspect of your relationship. There may also be a small note to leave him when you have to get up early and leave him, or accompany him in the parachute jump he always wanted to do. Let him live firsts with you, let him face his fears by your side. Over time, these experiences and shared emotional vulnerability will strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Although this is a situation that needs to develop spontaneously, if you want to make an effort to go a step further, you will not regret what you did. Just as you like to know that you are wanted, the same goes for it. Don’t be afraid to use your favorite features as a source of compliments, physically or mentally. The more he hears these, the more he will develop and become a better, stronger person than he is. Who can resist the man who provides it?

Keep your curiosity

Actually, this should apply to everyone you meet. There is something to learn from everyone. Therefore, you should not shut yourself off to communicate with new people. Every dialogue is valuable and interesting. The same goes for your partner. There are many things he can teach you, and he can contribute a lot to improve your skills. Evaluate this. Moreover, such sharing is pregnant with unforgettable experiences.

When choosing a gift for him, consider his personality, tastes, and interests. The question should be on your mind, not what can be bought for a man, but what will please my lover. Preferences that represent your relationship will also be strong surprises.

It’s natural to have your own to-do list as an individual, but creating a to-do list together is nurturing to a relationship. Sharing his preferences and putting effort into them helps you create unforgettable memories.

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