How should you wear a bag according to your body shape?

How should you wear a bag according to your body shape?

Bag is an important accessory that completes the outfit and everyone has at least one or two. Did you know that although bags are usually chosen according to the outfit and functionality, you should also consider your body type to look more stylish and nice? If your answer is no, you can find out how to choose a bag in this article.

You can use almost all models and sizes of bags. However, it is useful to stay away from very small bags, especially. Messenger bags, shoulder bags, oversized backpacks will not reduce your height and will not grin on your body. For this reason, it is generally beneficial to choose medium-sized bags.

If you have a short and petite build, we recommend that you stay away from large bags, bulky and large interior bags. Using medium or small size shoulder bags, preferably reaching below your hips, will not shorten your height and will make you look nicer.

If you have narrow shoulders and broad hips, it’s a common eye fashion illusion to shift attention away from your hips to your upper body. For this reason, you can use short straps and brightly colored bags that attract attention. You can choose medium or small sized bags that are not too big in size. Printed and very large bags will make your hips look bigger.

If your breasts are large and you have a slight quince belly, it is better to stay away from short strapped bags this time. The illusion you should use this time is not to draw attention to the upper body. If possible, long-handled shoulder bags or messenger bags will be for you.

Athletic women with clear and sharp body lines may prefer angular and angular bags when choosing bags. These bags highlight your body and allow you to catch a beautiful appearance. You can also try bags with round details and accessories. The size of the bag doesn’t matter much. You can use small bags or wear large bags.

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