How should the perfect make-up be?  |  Beauty

How should the perfect make-up be? | Beauty

You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to do beautiful makeup, with a little practice you can create wonders on your face. Still, there are some tips that everyone should know for the perfect makeup. We’ve put these tips together.

Makeup is principally based on hide-reveal principles. The main purpose of the face contour is to give the face the shape you want. In general, the oval face shape is considered ideal and it is a known fact that all face shapes are compared to the oval face shape; So if you have an oval face, we really envy you. You can use a biometric photo to learn your face shape. When you put dots, one where your forehead meets your hair, two mutually where your temples meet your hair follicles, two where your ears end and your face begins, two where your jaw bones begin, and one at the tip of your chin, the shape that emerges when you connect these points is your face shape. Once you know your face shape, contours will be much easier for you.

The first thing to consider when shaping your eyebrows is the size of your eyes. If you have large eyes, very thin eyebrows will look out of proportion. If you have small eyes, you should not use too thick eyebrows and pay attention to proportion. Another important tip is to pay attention to the relative position of your eyebrows and eyes. Thicker eyebrows will be ideal as the distance gets wider and thinner eyebrows will be ideal as they get narrower.

Drawing eyeliner can become the nightmare of all women, especially in a hurry. For this reason, using guideline lines to draw eyeliner easier will make your job very easy, especially for a great tailed eyeliner. For easier eyeliner draw, you need a wire clip and a gel eyeliner. Create a guiding line for yourself by painting the wire buckle and the shaped part with your gel eyeliner and placing it at the edge of your eye to form a tail. Then fill in and integrate with your lash roots. You will have a great eyeliner in a very short time.

When choosing your mascara brush, be sure to consider the structure of your eyelashes. To find out which brush to choose according to your lashes to our article you can take a look. However, if you want curlier eyelashes, you can use your eyelash curler before applying your mascara. The curler, which you heat up with a blow dryer for 30 seconds, will curl your eyelashes much more. Just be careful not to burn yourself.

If you do not like the lip liner appearance that goes beyond your lip lines and still want to get fuller lips, you can use light games. Apply a white eye or lip liner to the middle of your lips and add a light to the middle, then you can make your lips look much fuller by capturing a wet look with a lipgloss.

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