How should be preparation for pregnancy?  |  Pregnancy

How should be preparation for pregnancy? | Pregnancy

Deciding to become pregnant is one of the most important thresholds in life. While making this important decision, preparing yourself for pregnancy both physically and emotionally can make it easier for you to meet the changes that will develop due to pregnancy in the future.

On the first day of the program you will start to get pregnant, of course, you have to stop using the contraceptive method you are using. Some women can get pregnant right after they stop using the contraceptive pill, in some cases you may need to give your body a few weeks after stopping the pill or spiral.

It is recommended that you start taking a multivitamin supplement on the second day. Since the nutritional resources of the body will be shared during pregnancy, it will be very beneficial to take supplements to support your body beforehand. You can start using multivitamin supplements used before pregnancy with the recommendation of your doctor.

You can start taking folic acid supplements on the third day. It is known that 400 to 800 micrograms of folic acid supplements a day can help prevent disorders such as neural tube defects. Folic acid can also be added to the multivitamin you use, you should consult your doctor so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

Focus on your diet on day four. Skip processed and packaged foods and adopt a diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. In addition to the multivitamins you buy, it is also very important that you support the natural flow of your body with foods with high nutritional value.

Exercising at least five days a week is one of the best ways to prepare for pregnancy. If you are not exercising at all, start with 30-minute walks and gradually increase your workout time and add new exercises.

It will be comfortable for you to have tests to examine your blood and hormonal values ​​before pregnancy and to identify the situations that need to be intervened in advance. Your doctor will recommend a supplement you need to use if necessary, or it will be easier for you to plan some changes in your daily life according to your health status.

On day seven, take time for vaccinations such as tetanus that will protect you in pregnancy and, of course, your doctor will recommend.

Factors related to age and previous pregnancy history can affect your chances of getting pregnant. While you are getting ready to become pregnant, meeting with your gynecologist, going through the uterine and ovarian examination, having tests for infectious diseases, if any, will help you treat some gynecological diseases before pregnancy and make your pregnancy much more comfortable, and at the same time increase your chances of conception.

One of the most important parts of the process of getting pregnant is being able to track how your menstrual cycle is progressing. Following the cycle will make it easier for you to conceive more quickly and in a planned way by enabling you to determine the most suitable days to conceive. Simply start by writing down your cycle days and discover how many days your cycle has lasted from the day your bleeding began. Thus, it will be easier for you to calculate your conception time.

Exposure to highly toxic products negatively affects the chance of conception and may cause some problems during pregnancy. Synthetic fragrances, BPA containing products, chemical cleaning and cosmetic products are among the things you should avoid during pregnancy preparation and pregnancy. Starting to use natural cleaning and cosmetic products and eating organic as much as possible are important steps in preparing for pregnancy.

Relaxing walks, simple breathing exercises and mindfulness exercises or whatever is good for you … Learning to relax while preparing for pregnancy will make your journey very comfortable during pregnancy and birth, and also in the first years after birth.

Yoga practice is one of the most effective ways to keep the body and mind healthy. Practicing yoga in the pregnancy preparation process will both increase your chances of getting pregnant by reducing your stress, and strengthening and stretching your body will make you feel stronger both physically and mentally during and after pregnancy.

Since the hormonal changes that occur in the body during pregnancy can negatively affect your dental health, it will be good to have an oral examination during the pregnancy preparation process.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs negatively affect the unborn baby in many different ways. In order to reduce the harmful chemicals in the body as much as possible, it is important to stop your harmful habits on the journey of pregnancy.

One of the most common problems faced by couples trying to conceive is to start seeing sex as a duty and move away from enjoying sex. Having sex, both reducing your stress and increasing your chances of conceiving in a healthy way, will support you in the process of conception.

Determine your ideal body mass index (BMI) value for your body and get help from your doctor or dietician to get as close to your ideal weight as possible when necessary.

In order to be prepared for problems related to genetic diseases, investigate whether there is any genetic condition in your family and your partner’s family history and take precautions by talking to your doctor when necessary.

If you have medicines that you use regularly, it will be right to discuss with your doctor whether you will continue to use these medications during the pregnancy.

Many women can be exposed to violence during pregnancy, which of course can seriously affect the pregnancy, birth and puerperium processes. If you are in such a risk situation, you can call 183 for help.

Having a good and productive sleep pattern is one of the important conditions for your mental and physical health.

If you have a habit of drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages frequently, it will be useful to review this habit during the pregnancy preparation process.

Our body consists of 60 percent water, and it is important that we consume plenty of water during pregnancy to be able to nourish tissues and support our metabolism.

One of the most important ways to increase your chances of conception is to learn exactly how conceiving happens. You can work with a specialist who supports fertility or ask for detailed information from your doctor.

It will be the healthiest way to prepare your partner with you while you are preparing to conceive. Since 30% of infertility cases occur due to factors related to men, precautions such as having a medical screening beforehand, eating a healthy diet, exercising, reducing alcohol and caffeine will be beneficial. Likewise, when your partner starts preparing with you, it will be easier and more enjoyable to partner on your journey.

During pregnancy, we are more vulnerable to illnesses such as flu and colds. Starting to take supplements that support the immune system such as vitamin C during pregnancy preparation will support your body when you encounter such problems during pregnancy.

There is a lot of information about what is harmful or not during pregnancy. Instead of getting distracted by this information after you become pregnant, it is recommended that you take a look at such information before pregnancy and relax.

When you get pregnant, there will be some things you should avoid for the health of you and your baby. If you are into exciting activities, it may be a good idea to satisfy your sense of adventure by heading to the last exit before conception!

You will need medical support during pregnancy, birth and afterwards. This is a good time to check what your current insurance covers.

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