How should a face massage be done?  |  Beauty

How should a face massage be done? | Beauty

Lymphedema Therapist and manual lymphatic drainage practitioner Lisa Gainsley reminds us that our skin is our biggest organ and especially our face is a reflection of our physical, mental and emotional state. Gainsley also states that many muscles and lymph nodes in the head and neck are often active and that the lymph in this area can be relieved with a correct facial massage.

Many muscles and lymph nodes in the head and neck constantly receive, react to, and process stimuli. We use our heads to think, talk, smell, feel, taste and experience the world. The mouth, ears, nose and throat are vulnerable to environmental irritants. If there is stagnation on the surface of your skin as a result of squeezing your chin or staring at a screen all day, it becomes difficult for the flow of vital nutrients and oxygen to reach the cells. The lymphatic vessels’ ability to clear waste can also be hampered by muscle tension.

When toxins accumulate in the body, the appearance of the skin is affected. For example, alcohol and smoking cause dilation of blood vessels and fluid retention in the form of swelling and edema. The lymph nodes on the face are where these harmful substances accumulate and eventually drain into an area in the collarbone. By applying the correct movements and pressure in this area and on the line, you will facilitate the evacuation of foreign substances from your face and neck. This, in turn, can remove stuck bacteria, which is one of the main causes of conditions such as redness, swelling, and stretch marks.

How is a lymphatic facial massage done?

To do a lymphatic facial massage yourself, according to Lisa Gainsley’s recommendations, follow these steps:

Step 1: Collarbone

There are supraclavicular lymphatic nodes on the collarbones just below our neck and extending towards our shoulders. Pressing the grooves on the collarbones with fingertips will stimulate the knots there. Move like drawing a letter J while gently pressing down and towards the shoulders and repeat this motion 10 times.

Step 2: Neck

To stimulate the neck area, apply a three-step series: First place both palms on your neck and move the skin gently while moving down toward your collarbone. Repeat 10 times. Place your hands higher so that your pinky fingers are in the groove behind your ears, with your fingertips pointing diagonally at your ears. Use your palms to stretch the skin down towards your neck. Repeat 5 times. Make light brush strokes from behind your ears up to the bottom of your neck. Repeat 5 times. Swallow once.

Step 3: Mr. Spock

Just like Mr. Spread your middle and ring fingers apart, like the famous Vulcan salute we know from Spock. Place your middle and index finger in the cartilage groove behind the ear, and your ring and little finger in front of your ear. Massage this area with gentle back and down movements, as if drawing a gentle letter C. Repeat the movement 10 times rhythmically and swallow once.

Step 4: Skull

Using your fingertips, find the area called the occipital protrusion up the nape. This is the first cranial protrusion you feel over the gap in your neck. With your fingers touching each other, walk gently from your nape to this area with your fingertips; then slide your fingertips down your nape, repeat 10 times, as a waterfall is running down a mountain.

Step 5: Hands to Shoulder

Put your hands on your shoulders, your elbows facing you right in front of you. Inhale, then release your elbows, keeping your fingertips on your shoulders as you exhale. Repeat 5 times. This helps carry lymphatic fluid from the back of your neck to the channel above your collarbone.

Step 6: Facing

Make your face with your fingertips from your chin to your ears, from your cheeks to your ears, from the bridge of your nose to the middle of your forehead, then towards your ears; Lightly brush with your fingertips. Then brush across your eyebrows towards your ears. Repeat three times.

Step 7: Eye Contour

Press with your thumbs against the inner cavity of your eyes (the corner close to your nose) for 3 seconds. Then move your finger under / inside your eyebrows. Hold it there for 3 seconds. Then massage your eyebrows towards your temples. Repeat 3 times.

Step 8: Cheekbones

Place four fingers on your cheekbones, just below your eyes. Press very gently against your ears along this line and repeat the movement 3 times.

Step 9: Eyes Again

Repeat step 7. Massage the inner corner of the eyes, brow bones and temples

Step 10: Do Not Open

Place your right thumb under your right eye and index finger on your eyebrow. Raise your index finger slightly, as if it “widen” your eye well. Be light as a feather. Run your fingers slowly from your eyebrows to your temples 3 times. Repeat 3 times on the left side.


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