How many minutes a day should you meditate?

How many minutes a day should you meditate?

Meditation has more benefits than you may realize. How do you know if you are enjoying the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in your life?

Studies show that 13 minutes of meditation per session is enough to provide benefits. Still, regularity is just as important as duration. Of course, 13 minutes of practice just every few months isn’t as beneficial as 5 minutes of practice every day. As a result, there is no “magic number” for how long the meditation will take.

The most important factors to consider when determining your meditation duration are:

  • Having a realistic time
  • be repeatable and

A 2020 study on meditation beginners. researchfound that the frequency and duration of practice increased when participants first started meditating and experienced positive emotions. In other words, if you enjoy meditation and associate it with positive emotions, there’s a good chance you’ll stick with the meditation practice.

This may seem pretty simple, but there is a common misconception that meditation has to be strenuous or overly focused to be beneficial. The truth is, finding the boundary between discomfort and relaxation is where the magic of meditation happens. If you’re forcing yourself to sit down but all you can think about is what to eat for lunch that day, you’ve probably crossed the threshold of discomfort and are entering tiring territory. Remember to stay calm. Meditation is not a marathon. You need to look at surrendering to that time rather than filling your time.

If in doubt about this, remember this formula:

The pleasure you get from meditation X The frequency you do X Your meditation time = The best meditation practice

one made in 2017 researchsays that in a group of 55 mildly stressed adults aged 50 to 80, body scans, sitting meditation and breathing exercises were the most popular practices.

Whatever type of meditation you choose, the important thing is that you enjoy it.

Here are a few of the many types of meditation that may be right for you:

  • focused meditation

  • Visualization meditation

Figuring out which types of meditation practices work best for you is actually a matter of trial and error. You can start with guided meditation videos on digital platforms. You can also narrow the search results by selecting the type of meditation you want to try.

If you have a busy schedule, start with just 3 minutes a day to sit quietly and listen to your breathing. Once you’re done with that, take it out for up to 5 minutes. Over time, you will find that you begin to look forward to your meditation practice, just as you would look forward to drinking a large glass of water on a hot day. You won’t even believe it, but some days you might even forget to look at the clock.

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