How many friends do you need?  |  Relationship

How many friends do you need? | Relationship

“There is no magic number of social connection you need for better physical and emotional health, it’s all about whether there are people in your life who provide the emotional, spiritual and other support you need,” says Alicia Arbaje, a geriatrician at Johns Hopkins.

Introverts may be happy with two or three good friends, while extroverts may need much more. If you connect often enough in person, on the phone or online, you will have enough friendships in your life and you will not feel isolated.

In a survey conducted in the United States, one in three adults said they felt lonely. If you feel similar, here’s for you at any age making new friends some ways.

Become a volunteer

“Some studies say older people who volunteer are healthier, feel less depressed, and may even live longer,” says Dr Alicia Arbaje. Volunteering allows you to have fulfilling relationships and experience the spirituality of helping.

back to school

Forcing your brain in many stages of education, from courses to university, can also expand your social space. Alicia Arbaje suggests looking for “lifelong learning” programs in your area.

Share your hobbies

Join a knitting club, a woodworking course. Dust off your instrument and join an orchestra. It is known that people who are actively engaged in their hobbies are less likely to feel lonely.

Celebrate your ethnic or cultural heritage

If your background is an important part of who you are, finding a like-minded group in your area can be a fun way to make new friends. It allows you to come together with people from similar backgrounds and share common memories, holidays and meals.

Connect with your faith community

“If you have a tradition of faith, try to preserve it, find ways to continue going to your church, temple or mosque. “This supportive, encouraging and meaningful environment often also offers a coffee opportunity.”


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