How is the first period after abortion?

How is the first period after abortion?

Termination of pregnancy or abortion, for whatever reason, does not affect the menstrual cycle much as long as everything goes well medically. Although the hormonal balance that changes due to pregnancy and the abortion process applied to the uterus can of course cause a slight change in the normal cycle, it is normally expected that the menstrual cycle will start again within 4-6 weeks.

It is normal to experience some bleeding after an abortion. This is somewhat similar to the usual menstrual bleeding but different. The remaining tissues in the uterus are thrown out and the uterus renews itself in a short time. Bleeding after abortion can start within 3-5 days. In some women, bleeding due to the intervention is not seen at all after abortion, and after a while, menstrual bleeding may begin normally.

Bleeding after abortion may continue for 1-2 weeks, and in some cases, some more spotting may occur after it stops. These spottings, which can be seen until normal menstrual bleeding starts again, are also considered normal.

The color of bleeding after an abortion may appear closer to brown than red. It is normal to have some clots in the bleeding, as the intrauterine tissues are being excreted. Unless they are accompanied by heavy bleeding, there is nothing to worry about.

The first menstruation after abortion is expected to start within 4-6 weeks. How advanced your pregnancy is when you have an abortion also affects when your next cycle will start, because it’s normal for the pregnancy hormones in your body to take effect for a while. If you still have not had your period within 8 weeks after the abortion, you should consult your doctor.

Your first menstrual bleeding after the intervention may be shorter or longer than normal, or it may be more intense than usual. This is related to the cleaning of the intrauterine tissues. Some clotted menstrual bleeding may also be considered normal, but if you notice that you have foul-smelling bleeding, it may indicate some type of infection. It is recommended to consult your doctor without delay.

Your first period after an abortion may be a little more painful than usual. Apart from this, symptoms such as bloating, headache, breast tenderness, muscle pain, restlessness and fatigue can also be seen due to hormonal and physical changes.

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