How is distance education efficient?  |  Mother

How is distance education efficient? | Mother

Despite all its disadvantages, distance education can be considered as “pulled” in that it gives children some skills. It is possible to highlight these advantages and to continue your child’s student life with a level of motivation that can be leveled even if it is fluctuating.

Professor, an American educator. According to Deborah J. Cohan, when children take online lessons, they are actually “not studying” and “teaching themselves.” According to this point of view, it can make everyone comfortable to put the logic of “the child taking the course content” instead of “teaching online lessons” to children. Even though it is not possible to think about the system in this way, it gives hope to the student by surrendering his own will.

The education system went on, mostly after sitting in the desks and listening to what was described on the blackboard. It is said that this period may become an opportunity for children to learn to find their own sources of motivation, although the fact that education entered into the four walls of homes with the pandemic turned the lives of students, educators and their families upside down. For this, “Why are we learning?” Starting from the question, it is necessary to develop motivation and be patient like a marathon runner. Even if this system has been switched to because the conditions are challenging, there is no solution for now other than finding a source of motivation to adapt.

According to Professor Cohan, a student studying with digital tools develops some skills that will be useful in the future while communicating with their teacher or researching the information they need. In the future, children, who will mostly be in front of the screen while communicating with employer candidates or networking, have started to experience finding their way through distance education, albeit a little early and quickly. Parents, on the other hand, need to include the learning space of their children. Of course, they can also maintain their own motivation!

Distance education can help students develop in:

• Thinking for yourself

• Being an active learner

• Increased creativity

• Development of problem solving skills

It is necessary to admit that it is difficult to keep the attention of a student surrounded by an anxiety environment. There are some methods to get efficiency from the lessons in front of the screen in distance education. While it’s not easy to apply all of them consistently, you can help your child through the process in several ways:

Stay in touch with the educators

Although the environment is digital, it is based on human relations. Not losing the warmth in these relationships ensures that both the student-school-teacher bond and the parents in this relationship continue to be in cooperation. Try to stay connected with the teacher outside of class, even when going through extraordinarily busy periods. Because of sharing similar challenges, be in mutual understanding and speak up if you have such an expectation. Go beyond written communication, but pay attention to the fact that teachers also have private areas of life under pandemic conditions. Also, be careful not to omit details such as greetings, spelling and punctuation in digital correspondence. Your child will use digital learning tools after the pandemic. Try to present a good example in the digital environment for the relationships and business life that he will follow.

Review your expectations of success from your child

With the introduction of the pandemic into our lives, the students were introduced to a learning experience quite different from the order we are used to. Reaching the educational content as sufficient as the technical infrastructure decreased the motivation of most students. As a parent, make sure that your academic expectations are in line with the current circumstances. Although you must take into account that environmental conditions have changed in order to be success-oriented, question what is the emotion you make your child feel. If your child has experienced a drop in grades, encourage them and give them the message that you are trying to overcome this period as a team. Comparison with peers will not work well in this period. It should be taken into account that even students in good conditions feel under pressure and have difficulty. It will be useful to alleviate this period if your discourse is not based on “studying”. As a parent, keep your radar open about emotional needs.

Don’t get caught up in the rumors

Do not act as soon as you hear announcements and developments about distance education. Try to find out firsthand about the developments discussed among parents. When you contact the school, request an appointment, if possible. Don’t get drowned in the news crowd either. Identify reliable news sources for yourself and follow them yourself. Use apps if needed. Try to include fun and relaxation as much as Covid-19 news into your life. Try not to increase the functioning burden of your nervous system, taking into account that it will also affect your child. Even five minutes of breathing breaks change a lot.

Make the distribution of responsibilities again

Your child may have had to take more responsibility for distance education than his or her age. In the opposite direction, you may have followed everything because of his age. Do a family assessment and reconsider what he could and could not do in following his online lessons. Since the beginning of the pandemic, children have grown by 1 year. You may have overtaken some of the things he can do as his guardian. Do not hesitate to stretch the applications. Focus on rebalancing the burdens taken by family members where necessary.

Increase or decrease facilitating tools

Research learning tools that make use of technology with your child. It would be a good idea to make a preliminary research and present it to his liking. Make your child feel that you are aiming to make the distance learning experience easier and enjoyable for him. Learning is also very difficult when there is no sense of enjoyment. Together, search for applications, notebooks, audio files and videos where they can access and save course content. Eliminate the excess. Ask him what he needs to make it enjoyable. Click for the article “Ways to motivate children”.

Let it relax!

Since distance education has entered our lives, time management and self-motivation have come to the fore. Combine the syllabus, project / homework delivery days and times, and even meal times, on a large table so that everything becomes a summary in sight. An online education system where your child goes back and forth between the TV screen, tablet, computer screen and lesson panels / interfaces causes fatigue. It is a fact that the mental burden of children and young people who have almost gone into office life increases! Even if you expect him to take responsibility for himself, consider how much he can keep track of. Take notes, write them down together. Apart from all these, be sure to encourage them to spend unscreened and active times. For example, you can do yoga with him. Click for yoga poses that will be good for your child.

Talk about emotions

Be honest with each other with your child. You can talk that you are sometimes bored with the subjects related to the lessons, that you understand it, and that you also have difficulties in pandemic conditions. But with a difference! A child also needs to see that his or her parents overcome their difficulties. Look for balance. It will not be good for your child if you are constantly stressed, victimized or unable to cope, and it is also tiring and unrealistic to paint a happy picture. Striving for a solution and making your child feel competent to find a way gives your child strength. Besides friendly conversations, it is important that you, as a parent, include it eventually. “Families who cope well with difficulties have some things in common!” Click for the text.

Article: Senem Tahmaz

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