How is 13-month baby development?  What does a 13 month old baby do?  |  Mother

How is 13-month baby development? What does a 13 month old baby do? | Mother

This content about 13-month-old baby development has been prepared with the contributions of Child Development Specialist Müge Abay Güngör.

By parents 13 month old baby weight, height and Head circumference such as physical development values ​​are questionable. In addition to growth criteria in infant development, social-emotional development, fine motor skills and gross motor skills are also monitored month by month. For babies who have reached their first year of age, follow-up is usually carried out for the developmental stages that the baby must show within the period of 12-18 months.

Your baby is probably walking now. toddler baby Exploring your surroundings is a brand new experience. It is normal for him to fall after a few steps or to lose his balance while walking and bump around because the 13-month-old baby’s depth perception still continues to form. It is best to get him non-slip socks and increase the safety measures around. These periods began when he would wear first step shoes and walk outside in shoes. Click to read parent experiences about first step shoes.

if “My baby is still not walking” If you say that, if there is no problem in their physical controls, it should be said that there are still babies who are crawling and not showing interest in walking this month. However, this month, it is expected that the baby will hold on to things and walk until the 18th month at the latest. Some babies may skip the crawling stage before walking and go straight to walking. It is important to remember that every baby’s development will be different. You can buy push toys for your baby to speed up his walking development. Your baby can climb onto the sofa or chair.

Many 13-month-old babies can feed alone from a bottle or drinker using both hands. If he can’t do that yet, don’t worry. You can give him balls and toys that he can grasp with his palm to strengthen his hand muscles. Your baby can scribble on paper. He can clap and clap. It can turn the pages of a book with thick pages.

13 month old baby speaking skill When looked at, it is seen that he recognizes his own name and other names in the family. Can say 1-2 understandable words. Instead of just crying, he can now use sounds similar to words to express his wishes. Understands simple 2-word sentences. If you want to speed up his speech and support his development, pay attention to the speech by giving him your full attention and making eye contact. Help him observe the words as they come out of your mouth.

Your baby may make a few friend attempts from this month onwards, but is still self-centered. Although the 13-month-old baby attempts independence, he still may experience fear of separation from mother and he can cry to strangers. She does not want to be separated from her parents, she reacts by crying when she has to say goodbye. For this reason, try not to leave the house without saying goodbye to him. If you say “my baby cries to strangers” click for more information.

Babies sleep 10-13 hours a day after they are 12 months old. When your baby is 13 months old, he still gets two daytime naps. Although some 13-month-old babies tend to reduce sleep to one, it is still early for this. This may occur due to the late morning sleep. You can try to make arrangements in 15-minute increments. It should be carefully observed whether the baby’s sleep pattern is disturbed and whether he really needs to go to sleep. Waking time and daytime sleep may change depending on the activity during the day or the previous day. Babies do not need to be fed at night this month. If necessary, factors that disrupt uninterrupted sleep and the baby’s sleep pattern, such as waking hours and night feeding habits, if any, should be emphasized.

The answers that can be given on topics such as “What should be the size of a 13-month-old baby?”, “13-month-old baby girl weight” and “13-month-old baby boy weight”, “13-month-old baby head circumference” are as follows;

13 month old babies size

The height of baby girls between 12-15 months is 75.1 – 78.5 cm.

The height of 12-15 months old baby boys is 76.9 cm – 80.2 cm.

13 month baby weight

For girls between 12-15 months, the weight is 10 kg 20 gr – 10 kg 96 gr.

The weight of male babies between 12-15 months is 17.2 kg – 17 kg.

13 month old baby head circumference

The head circumference of 12-15 month-old girls is 45.8 – 46.6 cm.

The head circumference of 12-15 month-old boys is 47.1 cm – 47.8 cm.


Babies are followed up month by month until they are 12 months old. One of the most important reasons for this is that babies show a very rapid monthly development until they are 1 year old. After the age of 1, growth characteristics such as height and weight follow a slower course. Whether the baby is within certain values ​​during that developmental period is followed according to some growth standards. These standards are shown on percentile values ​​shown with tables and curves. For children in our country, certain percentile values ​​were calculated for body weight, height, and head circumference. These are used for tracking as mean values.

The development of each baby is unique and the information contained here is presented to give an idea about the developmental stages that babies are expected to show in the 12-18 month period. Consult your doctor in case of doubt and for your baby’s health, growth and development follow-up.

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