How healthy is it to use a Bluetooth headset?

How healthy is it to use a Bluetooth headset?

With the widespread use of Bluetooth headsets in recent years, wired headsets are now slowly being shelved. Although there are still those who prefer to use wired headphones, the number of bluetooth headset users is not likely to be underestimated. Offering ease of use to its users, bluetooth headsets have important effects on our health. Prolonged use of devices such as bluetooth headsets that emit radiation is thought to cause many major health problems such as cancer. Here is everything you need to know about bluetooth headsets …

In a statement signed by 247 scientists from 42 countries, in 2015, scientists expressed their concerns that exposure to electromagnetic fields around wireless devices is harmful to human health. It turns out that overexposure to electromagnetic waves causes many other health problems, such as genetic disorders, neurological problems, learning and memory deficits, reproductive problems, as well as cancer.

University of California profesörlerinden Dr. Joel M. MoskowitzHe says that although there have been many studies on the negative effects of electromagnetic waves on health, there is not enough information about what measures can be taken against the problems that may be caused by prolonged exposure to electromagnetic waves emitted from bluetooth or wireless headphones.

When used, Bluetooth headsets emit a certain type of non-ionized electromagnetic field called radio frequency radiation. The same is true for computers, cell phones, and even microwave ovens. In 2011 International Agency for Research on Cancer classified this type of radiation as a form that can cause cancer in humans. This classification is based on a type of brain cancer that occurs due to mobile phone use. Similarly, in 2018, it was determined that 2G and 3G technologies in mobile phones can cause cancer.

Although the levels of electromagnetic waves emitted by Bluetooth and wireless headphones appear to be less compared to mobile phones, this is still a cause of great concern for some healthcare professionals. However, Dr. Moskowitz underlines the damages that can be caused by prolonged use of bluetooth headsets with the following words: “If a person uses bluetooth headphones (worn in the ear) for long hours during the day, the effects of this level of radiation on human health are not likely to be underestimated.”

Although more research is needed on the problems that can be caused by continuous exposure to radiation from wireless devices and the precautions that can be taken, there are some measures we can take individually to minimize these damages.

Neurooncologist Santosh KesariHe states that if the phone calls will be made for a long time, it will be healthier to use the phone’s speaker feature. He adds that the same is true for those who listen to music and podcasts for a long time, adding that children in development are more vulnerable to radiation and therefore need to be more careful. Kesari explains: “Because children have smaller head sizes and thinner skulls. They are at greater risk. Therefore, they are expected to be exposed to more electromagnetic waves. “

Moskowitz states that you should keep the mobile phone about 25 centimeters away from you and use it only when there are strong signals. He adds that it should not be forgotten that a weak phone signal means that it emits more radiation.

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