How does avocado mature?  |  Health

How does avocado mature? | Health

Rich in protein, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, avocado is a food with high energy value. Avokadois collected when it is a raw and hard fruit. Therefore, it is sold in its unripe form. Immature avocados taste bitter. It usually matures at least a week after purchase and is preferred to be eaten. There are many ways to speed up the ripening time of avocados. Here are a few of them …

  • To ensure the ripening of the avocado, keep the avocados you put in a bowl in a sunny place. You will see that it matures in 3-4 days.

  • We can put the avocados together with a few apples on a paper bag. This is one of the most practical methods of ripening avocados. You can also try this method with bananas and tomatoes.

  • Another method is to wrap it in newspaper. Leave the avocado wrapped in newsprint in the oven. Even if it is not working, the maturation time of the avocado will be shortened because it will always be warm in your oven. Click to read the benefits of avocado …

If you have started to do the ripening processes mentioned above, brown spots will start to appear on the surface of the avocados. These brown spots indicate that your avocado is starting to mature. The avocado, which has a completely brown color, is now ready to be eaten.

You can tell if your avocado is ready to be eaten by gently pressing the tip. If it collapses easily, the avocado is ripe and you should consume it without waiting too long. Click to read the benefits of using avocado oil …

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