How do you change your life in a month?

How do you change your life in a month?

Upon request, Svetlana Pokrevskaya created a monthly guide based on her own lifestyle. Within the scope of the guide, there are 3 tasks for each week that you need to integrate into your life and continue to do for the rest of the month. Preferably, it’s best to continue doing these afterwards; but the decision is yours.

An early start, around 6pm

At this hour, you will be able to find time for yourself that you could never find during the day. These early hours will be moments of peace and quiet where you can get all kinds of things done without being disturbed – because everyone is still asleep. The ideal times to do your morning exercises that will help you live the day ahead to the maximum. Laziness and the desire not to get out of bed early are not signs of fatigue. These show that you don’t want to live your own life. Simple logic; If you’re living your life to the fullest, you’re going to want to jump out of bed. Or vice versa; When you jump out of bed in the morning, life will begin to look brighter.

better nutrition

The next changes require a lot of energy. Most likely, you spend most of your energy facing the effects of alcohol, cigarettes, and heavy, fatty foods, simply keeping your body functioning. We all have these kinds of habits that must be overcome. You can choose any diet that seems right for you. But there is one thing that applies to every person: alcohol, chips, sugary drinks, pre-made foods, junk food – none of these can find a place in any healthy diet. Therefore, you need to completely remove them from your life. You should also reduce the portions of the food you eat and avoid eating before bedtime. In other words, just listen to what your body is telling you or seek advice from a dietitian.


Keeping one’s body balanced and healthy is indispensable for mental health. To get a little soul out of a tired body, it is necessary to shake the body itself first! By whatever method is right for you: yoga, running, dancing, etc. Try to move more during the day, whatever comes to your mind – dance in front of the mirror while getting ready for work, take the stairs once instead of the elevator, or follow a regular schedule at the gym.

Clean up your personal space

Throw everything away! It’s time to bring a new order to every corner, every table and cabinet in your home. Think about it: every single object in your home – even the smallest – not only takes up space; it also drains some of your energy. Is it worth it? Keep only items that are really useful, really needed, that make you feel happy, or that you really value. After doing all this, you will find that you feel much better.

Analyze your personal affairs, fulfill your obligations

Do you remember how many years you have been making plans to learn Spanish? Or how many times have you promised yourself to visit your grandmother, who lives far from where you are? You need to remember the promises you made to yourself and to other people and decide how to handle them. Basically, you have two options: either fulfill or delete them from your to-do list forever. But if you can’t give up on your grandmother, of course, go to her tomorrow. Instead of living with feelings of obligation and disappointment, do what you have to do.

Organize your social life

Disrupt any relationships that you think are holding you back or overwhelming you. Stop trying to talk to people who have a negative outlook, are arrogant, and have nothing in common. Learn to walk away and say no. Allow yourself to be ungrateful and arrogant, to act crazy, to be unpleasant – if that’s what it takes to feel free.

Write your plans first, then implement them

You’ve got a to-do list from last week, right? Do you feel happy and enthusiastic? If your answer is no, maybe it’s time to take a few things off the list. Or alternatively, first bring it to life, then delete it. Either way, the result that awaits you is a surge of strength and a renewed desire for life. Remember, too, that you shouldn’t just take your business and financial obligations seriously; Make plans for your free time so that you can relax, see your friends and loved ones, and find time for yourself. You should write down the kind of plan you can’t wait to get started. Write them all down at once and don’t forget to set a specific time limit, write down the steps to take.

Make a list of your most irrational dreams

You have to make a list of things you do in your dreams that will never happen because they are so illogical. For example, ruling the whole world or climbing Mount Everest at the age of 89. Ignore the logic in your head and imagine that you have the power to do anything; with a single word from your lips. You have all the money, time, connections and talent you need. What would you like to do? Who knows, what you see as impossible in your mind may not be so inaccessible.

Plan your work daily

Every evening, make a plan for the next day. It’s okay if it’s a short or sketchy plan – it can be any type of plan, as long as you write it down on a piece of paper. And it is also important to make these plans exactly in the evening. Even if you won’t remember anything about the next day, you will find that you are much more productive.

Try to live differently

Even the smallest changes are effective. Take a different route to work. Stop by a cafe or an expensive store you’ve never been to before. Try a new type of sport. Try something you’ve never done before. And every day, while you’re busy doing familiar things, ask yourself: what can I do a little different today? You need to get into the habit of trying something new; that way, doing something out of the ordinary will become a natural part of your life.

Get out of your comfort zone

Of course, if you’ve managed to follow all the previous steps, you’ve already come a long way outside of your comfort zone. But you have to go further and look into the eyes of your worst fears. And it shouldn’t just be caring; you must also fight. Try radical methods. Do you have a fear of heights? Do a parachute jump. Worrying about your boss? Go with him with a new project proposal. Is meeting new people terrifying for you? Head out to a party where you don’t know anyone. Situations like these help us learn new things and improve.

take a break

The word ‘break’ in this step means: get out of your house, disconnect from Wi-Fi and spend some alone time. Give yourself honest feedback. How has the past month been for you? How did it go, what has changed in your life? So, how do you intend to continue from now on?

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