How can I make him feel like I love him?  |  Relationship

How can I make him feel like I love him? | Relationship

Just smiling is not just your lover; It will brighten your day too. Smiling has been proven to help reduce stress and increase creativity. Smiling is contagious; So why not smile at your lover every day? Even babies smile in the womb. You can passionately hug and kiss your lover every day. A 1 minute hug, kiss or smile can bring a lot with it for you, for your lover, for your relationship.

Tell him he is beautiful / handsome. Compliment their character traits or places where you see them make an effort. Be sure that even you will not be able to believe the changes in your relationship. Every woman and every man likes to receive compliments; When you compliment your partner on the slightest thing, you will see how much his self-esteem increases. He will know that you are seeing the small or big things he does. He will feel appreciated and loved.

Thank your lover for choosing to be with you. Being with someone is a choice we make every day. We prefer them every day to our fleeting pleasures, to our own selfishness, and they do the same. Thank him for making that day for you to get together.

Listening is a skill that requires deliberate effort from you. Listening means that you pay full and indivisible attention to what your lover is saying. Never think about your answer while listening. Your lover will be able to communicate with you better when he knows that you are listening to him. When you truly listen to your lover, you will also be able to provide him with constructive feedback on any questions, ideas or discussions he or she shares with you.

It could be cooking at home, playing a game, or participating in an activity. This is the time when you have to connect with each other at different levels. Ask your lover how his day was and you tell about yours. During this time, you can talk about the goals you have set both individually and as a couple. Share what you have learned. When you are with each other, you should have a good conversation, laugh and be happy. Every day, do something together – even if it’s just showering together. Whenever it fits into your schedule, pick that moment and use it to spend time with your partner.

We all have dreams; maybe big, maybe small. Be sure that your lover has dreams too. No matter how well planned we are about our dreams, sometimes we come to the point where we give up – when the obstacles blocking the road seem endless. However, all you need is a little support from your beloved to overcome all obstacles and achieve your dreams. Take a few moments each day to support your partner in their dreams. If he doesn’t have any dreams, help him find something. Because you are in this together.

Against your face, by text, by social media or by mail. Say it as you wake up; whisper in your ear that I love you. If your lover works from home, leave a note saying “I love you” on his computer, tablet or phone screen. You can also leave a voicemail or send a video. As you can see, we can do these simple things for our partners every day. Choose three of these simple methods and start doing something for your loved one today.

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