How about the holiday make-up?  |  Beauty

How about the holiday make-up? | Beauty

Along with the holiday, family visits, reunions and questions from curious relatives await at the door. The answers to the questions are always hidden in you, but you can decide how to make up by taking a look at our article. A natural make-up is always a savior for family visits. In fact, if possible, we recommend that you do a make-up that only reveals your facial features and puts the mistakes in the background. This make-up often announces its name as “make-up like nothing”.

Since the holiday coincides with hot summer days, it is useful to stay away from heavy skin products as much as possible. You can choose bases that give a natural glow as a base. By using BB creams, you can cover serious color inequalities in tiny areas with the help of a concealer. If this is a must-have for your make-up in summer, it is definitely a transparent powder. However, it is useful to stay away from powders that make your face very matte and create a mask appearance. We recommend that you be very plain on the eyes as well. You can use your under-eye concealer as a base and after a very light champagne-colored eyeshadow that you will apply to your entire eyelid, you can use your bronzer to add dimension to the fold area. On the bottom of the eyelashes, a thin, water-resistant black pencil that does not flow easily will bring your eyes to the fore. Do not apply too many layers of mascara, you can use it to define your lashes with a few simple movements. A very natural peach-toned blush on the cheeks will do the trick. If possible, try to get a blush that is close to the tones of what color your cheeks are when you normally blush. You can apply your blush from the top of your cheekbones, which become evident when you laugh, to the temples very slightly.

On the lips, you can still use nude tones. Very matte and drying lipsticks can look a little artificial, so you will both ensure the permanence of your lipstick and get rid of an unnatural look with a natural finish lipgloss you will apply on top of your matte lipsticks. We wish you a sweet holiday in advance.

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