How about inpatient breastfeeding?  |  Mom

How about inpatient breastfeeding? | Mom

Side-lying breastfeeding is one of the most preferred breastfeeding positions. This position, which can provide various conveniences to the mother and the baby, sometimes works very well even when the mother just wants to rest. You can learn about different breastfeeding positions from your hospital nurse or a nursing counselor, and after a little trial and error at home, you can discover which positions are better for you and when. In some cases, it can be beneficial to breastfeed while lying on your side:

It is normal to spend 1-3 days in the hospital right after the birth. In this process, there will definitely be someone who can put the baby in your arms while you are resting. Remove the barriers of the hospital bed, support your back with pillows, and continue to rest while your baby is comfortably sucking.

In cesarean section, the incision site in the lower abdomen and the abdominal area in general may feel sensitive for a few days, sometimes for a few weeks. One of the best ways to breastfeed without putting any pressure on your stomach is to breastfeed while lying down.

For new mothers, waking up and breastfeeding every 2-3 hours at night may not be a common situation immediately. If sitting up isn’t good for you when you wake up to breastfeed, you can continue to breastfeed while lying down and resting. However, it is important to have someone to control your position when you fall asleep, especially in the first weeks after birth, until you get used to the positioning of the breast so that it does not affect the baby’s breathing, otherwise it may not be safe to breastfeed in this position. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that you put your baby back in the crib after each feeding overnight. If you want to stay within reach, using extra beds placed next to the bed might be a safer choice.

If the breasts are large in volume and weight, it may take a little longer to get used to breastfeeding. Side feeding is an easier option for mothers with larger breasts.

In addition to cesarean section, it is normal for various sensitivities in the body to persist for a while after any birth. Therefore, sitting in a certain position for a long time (20-30 minutes) may not feel comfortable. Bedfeeding may be a good solution, especially if you feel pain in your back, neck and arms, if you feel tense, if you are tired.

It is a much better idea to lie down and breastfeed a baby who is about to sleep so that when he falls asleep you can quietly walk away from him and leave him asleep. For babies who are feeling particularly sensitive, it will be better to go to sleep without having to take it off your lap.

  • Lie down in a comfortable position on your bed, sofa, or anywhere you can lie down.

  • Then try to keep your back and hips in a straight line to avoid back pain and

    bend your knees.

  • Place your arm on the side you lie on under your head or under your child’s head and

    use it to support your baby by placing it around his body. Also, her

    You can also use a pillow behind your baby to support it.

  • Make sure your baby’s mouth is in line with your nipple. Your lower arm

    If he is hugging your child, you can pull the baby to your chest with that arm. If you need

    You can use your free hand from above to support your chest.

  • If your lower arm is below your head and outside, using your free hand on your upper arm

    You can support your baby’s head and direct it to your chest. Remember, bend down and your breast

    You should not approach your baby, pull your baby in and direct it towards your breast.

  • Make sure that your baby’s mouth is wide and tongue is down while bringing it towards your breast.

  • If your baby’s mouth is not wide open, lightly touch his cheek with your finger or nipple. Tiny touches to their cheeks will activate an instinctive neonatal reflex and open their mouths wider to prepare for grasping.

  • When your baby’s mouth is open, place their mouth on your nipple and let it catch.

  • Take some time to check that he is holding the nipple well with his mouth.

  • If the grip is not correct, use your finger to open the distance between the baby’s mouth and your nipple and try again.

  • If your baby is breastfeeding correctly and actively, sit back, relax and continue breastfeeding.

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