horoscope for june |  Astrology

horoscope for june | Astrology

Hello there. We can start the important events of the sky in June with Venus moving into Cancer and Mars into Leo. Mars will be transiting in the middle of the month in Leo, the planet of fun, light, comfort, self-confidence and emergence, and our energy will rise, our creativity and self-confidence will increase. The fact that Venus is in Cancer signifies that we are entering easy and lucky times regarding our loyalty to our loved ones, our family, love of family, real estate, parents and home. In addition, at the end of the month, Venus will also enter Leo and increase the fun for 3-4 weeks.

Another important effect is The Gemini Solar Eclipse on June 10 it will be. This eclipse, which I will detail in a separate article, completes the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius a while ago. However, this completion can be defined not as the end of the effect, but by activating both of the subjects that complement each other. So while Sagittarius is a distant journey, Gemini short trips, intercity or inner city trips; Sagittarius focuses on academic and higher education, learning, while Gemini focuses on primary education. This means that education, broadcasting, journalism, both domestic and international, higher and primary education parts will be triggered together.

In this period, we can predict that the issues I mentioned above will be triggered even more on behalf of our country, the world and our personal maps. It will be a period in which communication and information traffic increase, transportation and journeys increase, media and broadcasting gain importance, and important turns in education will be entered.

Another important effect is the ongoing Saturn Uranus SquareWith Saturn retrograde, it will become definite again and will come to the agenda. In other words, it will create a tense and shocking effect that both forces us to change and makes us resist change or puts obstacles in our way. We can predict that economic issues may become more difficult for the world and our country, and we can say that the digital currency markets may continue to shake. Although what I have said is not investment advice, I predict that the bitcoin market will continue at lower levels for a while and the Turkish lira will continue to depreciate.

Important sky angles of June:

June 1 – Solar North Node Conjunction

It is a good day for new beginnings, when we will use our will to realize ourselves and take the wind behind us in line with our goals.

June 2 – Sun Chiron Sixty Years

It’s time to heal and learn from the pain we’ve had in the past. We can take instructive tasks around us, and we can be a cure for troubles.

June 2 Venus in Cancer

June 3 – Sun in Saturn Trine

Our discipline and motivation is high. The days when we can focus on what needs to be done and complete unfinished business, and get along better with authority figures and older people.

June 4 – Venus Jupiter Trine

The most beautiful aspect combination in astrology, where the tempo of relationships and social sharing increases, and Love fortunes are opened.

June 5 – Mercury Square Neptune

We are in the days when the minds are not so clear. There may be some communication problems. Misunderstandings and irritability can occur.

June 5 – Mars Opposition to Pluto

We can have a very tense few days. A day that may be prone to fires, injuries, accidents. As a result of negative confrontations, anger can occur, relationships can become very tense or break. It is necessary to try to remain calm.

June 10 – Solar Eclipse in Gemini!

June 11 – Sun Mercury Conjunction

From the days when communication traffic increased. There may be more self-centered and egocentric conversations today. It’s a time when we want to communicate more and be visible.

11 June – Mars in Leo!

June 12 – Venus Square Chiron

It is a period open to injury in bilateral relations. We may feel more secluded and depressed. We may not want to socialize, we may feel unloved. We are in the days when we can learn a lot about ourselves about relationships if we can use it constructively.

June 13 – Venus Uranus Sexiest

A creative and fun period in bilateral relations. Today, you will want to do different things with your loved ones. It is very suitable for romantic surprises.

June 14 – Sun Neptune Square

A time when we can ignore the harsh, cold realities of life. The times when we will do spiritual work and there are themes of sacrifice in it. We may find it difficult to progress towards our goals. It is useful to pay attention to addictions during this period. Octa-high times for romance.

June 15 – Saturn Uranus Square

We are in the days when the theme of bringing responsibility and change together is perhaps the most intense. This aspect will actually have these effects on us throughout the month because a transit, especially the transits of planets such as Saturn and Uranus, is not limited to one day. In fact, it lasts one month before and one month after the full square day. But I can say that +- 1 week is quite fateful and important.

June 20 – Jupiter retrogrades!

21 June – Sun in Cancer!

June 21 – Venus Neptune Trine

Romantic times in relationships, when we are supported, protected and protected. Creative works, holidays, very favorable days for listening to music, inspired days.

June 23 – Sun Jupiter Trine

There will be very motivating days when our self-confidence rises, we can exhibit exaggerated behaviors, and we will go according to our heart’s wishes instead of what we have to.

June 23 – Mercury moves forward!

June 24 – Venus Opposite Pluto

This aspect will also cause transformative encounters and unpleasant realities that can create crisis in relationships. Unpleasant matters may occupy more of our consciousness these days.

June 24 – Saturn Chiron Sixty Years

We are in the process of learning and maturing from our suffering. This is a time when we experience certain enlightenment and acceptance from the pain that we have been thinking about for a long time, maybe even scratching.

June 25 – Neptune moves back!

June 27 – Mars North Node Trine

However, although this aspect forces the conjunction of the Sun and the South Node, on the one hand, we will want to move forward with a high motivation, even if there are difficulties in our goals, where we can take the wind a little further behind us with this aspect.

June 27 – Venus in Leo!

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