horoscope for july |  Astrology

horoscope for july | Astrology

Hello there. The July Moon will be one of the relatively less active months of the year from a celestial point of view. We rarely come across very decisive planetary combinations. Except for the angles of the fast planets, namely Mercury, Venus and Mars, we will not see the mutual interactions of the planets that move more slowly and whose effects are more pronounced this month. The Cancer New Moon on July 10 and the Aquarius Full Moon on July 24 will be important for this month. I will write more detailed articles for these effects, but to be brief, Cancer New Moon will emphasize love and commitment, Aquarius will emphasize independence and sociability. I must say that both moon phases are in the highlighted places in the moment charts. In other words, two moon phases are waiting for us, whose effects we will experience strongly. The Cancer New Moon is very emotional, creative and romantic. Aquarius Full Moon will be fun and bilateral relations will be emphasized.

The most important planetary transits of July will be Mars’ transition from playful Leo to hard-working Virgo and Jupiter’s brief return to Aquarius. Actually, these two effects do not concern July to a great extent since they are on the last days of the month, but since I will not talk about these effects in the next month, I should mention them in this article.

Mars Virgo transit will intensify our energy flow into our health and work. Jupiter will move from Pisces to the more intellectual and social Aquarius, and Pisces healing may slow down, albeit for a short time. I don’t expect the pandemic to get stronger in the summer, but the vaccination may slow down.

Important sky angles of July;

July 1 – Mars Saturn Square:

It is a period when our responsibilities increase and we feel a bit challenging and hindered in terms of reaching the goal, and therefore we are tense. It is useful to stay calm these days because it is one of the most challenging times of the month. We may find it difficult to do our actions with confidence.

July 2 – Mars Trine Chiron:

We share the experiences we have gained from our pain with our environment and we heal them as well. Again, these experiences constitute the fuel we need in our action plan towards our goals.

July 4 – Mars Uranus Square:

It is a time to fight for reformist movements, humanity, rights and justice, but it is also a time open to sudden and impulsive reactions. Extra care is needed for clumsiness and accidents.

July 4 – Sun Chiron Square:

The pains we have experienced in the past may appear a little more these days and continue to bother us. We can use them in a positive way to gain perspective on pain and to feed self-confidence, and we can move to a new level of consciousness.

July 5 – Sun Uranus Sixty Years:

We are in a period where we express our personality creatively and find new and interesting ways to express ourselves. Our will is strong and we can bring creative solutions to the obstacles we face in order to achieve what we want.

July 6 – Mercury Square Neptune:

We are in the days when the minds are not so clear. There may be some communication problems. Misunderstandings and resentments may occur.

July 7 – Venus Saturn Opposition:

Cold times in bilateral relations. We feel unloved, maybe we have lost the crumbs of love in ourselves or we feel that we are decreasing. A time when we become more aware of the facts and want to rationalize our relationships.

July 7 – Venus Trine Chiron:

Along with obstacles and difficulties in bilateral relations, we also enter a process of learning, learning from pain, helping people with what we learned from pain, and today is the time we use it most effectively.

July 8 – Venus Square Uranus:

The subject is bilateral relations, we want to change and update ourselves despite all the difficulties and obstacles. The theme of change and bringing together responsibilities is reflected in our bilateral relations.

July 11 – Mercury in Cancer:

July 12 – Mercury Jupiter Sixties:

Perfect times for education. This is a period that we can use productively for the trainings we want to receive, the agreements we want to make, and the important communications that need to be established.

July 13 – Venus Mars Conjunction:

These days can be challenging for relationships. It’s a controversial but passionate time. Even though it is controversial, we are in the days when our desire to spend our energy on bilateral relations is also increasing. It’s a great time to be valued for romance and passion.

July 15 – Sun Neptune Trine:

It is a time when our empathy and benevolence to people in need, our creativity and romance increase. We are in the days when we feel that our goals and dreams are synchronized.

July 18 – Sun Pluto Opposition:

We can be manipulative and controlling in our behavior, these days we have a higher ambition to change and transform the things we don’t like. In this period, we need to pay special attention to discussions and try not to make irreversible movements.

July 19 – Mercury Square Chiron:

We are in the days when we think more about the issues that hurt us in the past, and gain certain awareness and learning on them. In addition, with what we have learned these days, we can give instructive advice to those around us.

July 20 – Mercury Trine Uranus:

We are in the days when we are overflowing with creative ideas. Although our minds are a little more active, shy and changeable, these are very productive days for fun ideas. We are in days that can be evaluated in terms of signatures and agreements for new beginnings.

July 22 – Venus in Virgo!

July 22 – Venus Jupiter Opposition:

It is a time when relationships are beneficial, when we feel confident and supported, when there may be abundance and fortunate circumstances, but at the same time there is a risk of overdoing it and being overly optimistic.

July 22 – The Sun is in Leo!

July 24 – Mercury Neptune Trine:

We are in the days when our imagination and mental creativity are high. What we say or learn will have a high emotional impact. It’s a good day for deals, meetings.

July 25 – Mercury Opposition Pluto:

There are times when the impact of what we say is high. But these days, we can talk octave a little higher, more striking and transformative. We can confront people with themselves, which can affect our relationships.

July 28 – Mercury in Leo!

July 28 – Jupiter in Aquarius!

July 29 – Mars Jupiter Opposition:

Exaggerated behavior, self-confidence and an inflated ego may be our topics these days. We can fight for our beliefs and values, but there is a risk of losing people. Accepting everyone as they are, respectful of beliefs and modesty will work for us these days.

July 29 – Mars in Virgo!

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