Holiday tips for pregnant women |  Pregnancy

Holiday tips for pregnant women | Pregnancy

This article Op. Dr. Written by Seval TaƟdemir.

While having a good time with your family on holiday, you should pay attention to what you eat, instead of filling your stomach with insufficient and unbalanced foods; You should prefer delicious and light meals. Especially pregnant women should pay twice as much attention to what they eat.

The main reason for the rise in blood sugar is the absence, deficiency or ineffectiveness of the insulin hormone in the body. In healthy individuals, blood sugar is balanced by the hormone insulin. However, in pregnant women with diabetes or expectant mothers with gestational diabetes, blood sugar rises because the body cannot secrete enough insulin hormone or because the secreted insulin hormone does not have a sufficient effect on the body’s use of sugar in the blood. Therefore, you should not exaggerate your sweet consumption. You should not pay attention to the words “You are two people, eat” and you should prefer milk desserts and ice cream.

If you are going to spend your holiday in a holiday resort where there are open buffet restaurants; You have to be much more careful. Learn the ingredients of the food on your plate and the cooking method. Try to choose light foods and olive oil.

If you are going to eat salad, make sure it is hygienic and the vegetables are well washed. Also, don’t skip your meal with just a salad. Be sure to consume a protein-containing food such as meat, chicken or fish.

  • Stay away from open waters and soft drinks.

  • High-fat foods such as salad dressings, fatty cheeses, toasted bread, oilseeds, potato or pasta salad are high in calories; Be careful when making your choice.

  • Especially expectant mothers with reflux should stay away from sauces containing high fat and mayonnaise.

  • Eat your food slowly and calmly; stop eating before you feel overly satiated.

  • Try a small amount of one at different meals, lining up the foods you want to try. Thus, you will have a more balanced diet in your meals and your meals will be more diverse.

Expectant mothers should not neglect physical activity during the holidays. After meals, you can take a short walk or do swimming and aerobics depending on the possibilities of your location.

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