His mother doesn’t want me because I’m older

His mother doesn’t want me because I’m older

Hello, I found you randomly, your articles are very logical and good, obviously. I’m in a relationship for 8 months and my boyfriend is 3 years younger than me but we’ve never seen a gap in our relationship. We were all together side by side. Right now, his mother doesn’t see me as a problem, especially because I’m older. There is always a problem. My boyfriend also says “Mom, what can I say”, respecting but disagreeing. He is with me, doing his best for me. But he doesn’t make any promises for the future. “We’ll talk when the time comes,” he says. What should I do? Please but please help. I can’t tell anyone about my problem. I hope you are well.

Hello my dear readers, my mother veins are already swollen these days, that’s why I wanted to reply to this e-mail. I miss my children so much. My mother used to say, “What if my stomach was a warehouse or if my children were with me”. My mother thought so for her 4 children; are they all right? Are they well fed? If you have married your children or if you are far away, you can not take care of them, feed them or make them drink, you can say such things like my mother. After a woman becomes a mother, her life changes, she can look into their eyes and understand their happiness and unhappiness. You may be worried and afraid if the tone of voice on the phone sounds slightly different. While you are afraid to ask if your voice is not good, you are the only one who can hear the ‘oh thank god’ that goes through you when you hear “No mom, I’m fine, I’m fine, don’t worry”. In short, motherhood is hard work, and you live with such a beautiful, emotional heart. You are always chasing to be a better mother, and how is it possible to become a better mother… A lane that is never reached is perfect motherhood. I hope one day we will happily finish this lane closer to the mother in our hearts, let me end by saying we mothers, before I get more emotional.

As for your question; The child is so precious that mothers don’t want to give it to anyone, but they can’t do anything about it because they know that they have to build their own lives. In other words, mothers reluctantly marry off their children. Therefore, it does not matter whether you are a mother of a girl or a boy. Here, your lover is in question, so his mother wants to be someone who will take care of her son as well as she does, who will do her service and will not upset her. That’s why mothers are hairy. The mother of your wise woman lover does not relax and insists, saying ‘my son loves it’. This resistance should not upset you. This resistance is also your test. You must resist with your lover. With kindness, of course. Since I am also a mother, I understand your lover’s mother very well, I do not condemn her, on the contrary, I appreciate her intelligence. Try to do the same, don’t think what a grumpy woman this is, okay? There is no need to immediately form a prejudice. It is also a fact that men are usually married to a girl younger than them, it has come this way and it usually continues like this, so it’s normal for him to be a little opposed. Although three years is not a big age difference, he must have objected immediately, as it was a bit contradictory to the situations that have been going on so far on this subject. You should be understanding, not touchy, about this situation. In addition to being understanding, you have to be patient, no need to be hasty, just give it some time. You need time to introduce yourself and express yourself. They say that words do the greatest service to man. If your goodness is your weapon and your beautiful words overflowing from your heart, think about whom you cannot conquer. Trust yourself. I think that a self-taught person should not have a problem of being disliked. You’ve been together for 8 months. You can wait a little longer to give your relationship a name. In the meantime, keep working hard for your relationship. Your communication with his son is important right now, not with his mother. As long as you get along with your lover, his happiness, love and appreciation for you will definitely be reflected in his mother. Of course, it is important that your lover speaks well, he should be able to tell his mother about your behavior that he appreciates about you, right?

The person who will soften the woman and change her approach to you is your boyfriend first. “What should I do?” there is no such thing, that is a bit of an open-ended sentence, after all, you are hoping. Do not talk about this matter immediately, but later, talk to him more clearly, otherwise it may be a waste of time for you. An ambivalent approach is unacceptable. If you settle this matter, they say that if the rest is not a very stubborn woman anyway, they say that her son will come out of her mouth, she will make her mother accept what she wants, my baby. I wish everything goes well for you…

Greetings my dear readers…

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