Highlights of pregnancy |  Pregnancy

Highlights of pregnancy | Pregnancy

There are many important moments in pregnancy that we can celebrate. As the baby grows inside the womb, significant changes begin to occur in our body and life. Being aware of these thresholds can make the pregnancy journey more enjoyable.

1- Positive test result

Whether you have been planning it for months or came as a sweet surprise; Unless there is an unwanted pregnancy, see those two lines on the pregnancy test or when you get your test result, “congratulations, positive!” Hearing that they are said is an unforgettable moment. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself overflowing with very intense and complex feelings. Usually it happens!

2- First morning sickness

Of course, this is not a fun thing, but experiencing the first physical sign of pregnancy can similarly raise complex emotions. You knew you were pregnant, now you know it with your whole body!

3- First doctor meeting

Even if you see that your test result is positive, the moment a doctor tells you ‘yes you are pregnant and everything is fine’ is an unforgettable moment.

4- To let someone know that you are pregnant

With whom and when you share your pregnancy news is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to wait for 3-4 months to make sure everything is fine, others do not want to keep this good news inside. The first time you share your excitement with someone is also one of the important moments of pregnancy.

5- End of first trimester

Surviving the first three months is an important touchstone both physically and emotionally. The risk of miscarriage is much less now, morning sickness and similar unpleasantness is fading away, and now you can even feel your stomach starting to grow!

6- Taking the baby’s first thing

Some couples want to buy something for their baby without waiting for pregnancy. However, after learning that you are pregnant, buying or preparing an item for your baby is a completely different feeling.

7- Hearing the baby’s heartbeat

The baby’s heartbeat can be heard from the 6th week onwards. It is an unforgettable moment to hear the heartbeat of that tiny creature that has begun to grow in your womb while lying in the doctor’s office.

8- wearing maternity clothes

Others always wore it, now it’s your turn! Sometimes it may not feel so good, keeping up with changes in the body is not always easy, but still, wearing maternity clothes is kind of like a ‘yes I’m pregnant’ affirmation.

9- Feeling the baby’s movement

The first moment when pregnancy was felt most intensely … You can not be sure at first, asking if it was gas or something else, and finally you know that your baby has already started to kick little somersaults and kicks. As well as feeling the baby’s first movement, someone else touching your abdomen and feeling the baby can be considered as one of the important moments.

10- First craving

They say that those who live do not know. You’ve been desperate for something before, but the first craving in pregnancy can surprise many mothers!

11- Learning the gender of the baby

For many couples this is not a big deal, but some find this moment very important too. It is also one of the unforgettable moments when you find out whether you will have a daughter or a son.

12- Getting training in preparation for birth

A childbirth preparation training you will attend with your partner is one of the milestones of pregnancy. You experience the comfort of being in an area where you can get answers to all your questions while learning things you never knew. It is one of the best ways for your partner to feel part of this journey.


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