healthy skin in 12 steps |  Beauty

healthy skin in 12 steps | Beauty

Who wouldn’t want to have a skin that is free from blemishes and acne and always looks smooth? Especially in these days when the weather is getting hotter, it is very possible to have the glowing skin of your dreams with a few touches…

Do not leave without moisture: Cold weather causes dryness and flaking of the skin. Do not forget to apply moisturizers suitable for your skin type by massaging so that your face and hands are not vulnerable to falling air temperatures, especially in winter. Refresh your body with oils that will nourish your skin such as olive oil, avocado and eucalyptus oil.

Do not sleep without cleansing: Face wash gels and tonic are essential for a glowing skin… Always clean your face before going to bed, even on days when you don’t wear make-up. But beware! Experts recommend washing your skin with warm or cold water instead of hot water.

Regardless of summer or winter: Do not throw away sunscreen creams during the winter months. In these months, make sure to apply these creams to your face, especially. Make a mask once a week and get rid of dead skin with peeling if it is suitable for your skin.

Drink liquid: For lots of water. Remember that herbal teas and soda are very important to increase the elasticity of your skin.

Bacteria on hands: Do not put your hands on your face unless absolutely necessary. Especially if you use public transport, it is inevitable that bacteria on your hands will get on your face. Moreover, do not squeeze your blackheads, acne and do not put on makeup every day.

Lip moisture: The best way to understand that your skin needs moisture in cold weather is through your lips. When your lips are dry, it means that your skin is giving signals that you urgently need moisturizing.

Antioxidants: Your eating habits have a great impact on your skin health… In order to achieve the skin of your dreams, it is useful to stay away from starchy foods such as white rice and bread, and sugar. Instead, consume foods rich in Omega-3 such as salmon, almonds, avocados and protein that will add glow to your skin. Don’t miss out on fresh vegetables and fruits that contain antioxidants and will beautify your skin.

sleep well: Don’t sleep less than 6 hours, but don’t sleep more than 8 hours either. Moreover, do not miss exercise from your life. Spend time with your loved ones and smile.

It’s not just a percentage: Don’t forget to moisturize your entire body, especially your décolleté and neck, which wrinkle faster, occasionally, if not every day.

Brushes: Clean and replace your makeup brushes from time to time. Cleanse your mobile phone with cleaning wipes as it comes into direct contact with your face.

Alcohol: Pay attention to how much alcohol you consume, which disrupts the moisture balance of your skin. Say goodbye to cigarettes that make you look at least 2.5 years older than you are.

Sauna: If you do not have any health problems for baby skin, enter a sauna once a month. Then make a pouch on your body.

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