Have you met the Village Schools Exchange Network Association?  |  Mother

Have you met the Village Schools Exchange Network Association? | Mother

What is the Village Schools Exchange Network Association (KODA)?

One out of every 10 children in Turkey lives in the village and these children have difficulties in accessing quality education. The main purpose of the Village Schools Change Network Association (KODA); improving the educational journey of a child raised in the village. The most sustainable way to do this is to empower the adults (village teachers, families, young people in the village) who are in the child’s educational ecosystem in the village. Since 2016, KODA has empowered more than 1,600 teachers and teacher candidates, providing a better education for more than 25,000 children, organizing trainings for KODA Village teachers, creating communities, and providing practical training opportunities for teacher candidates.

He continues to disseminate the source books they prepared to village teachers and train trainers for village teachers with unified classrooms in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education Teacher Training and Development Directorate. On the other hand, it develops parent training, after-school supportive programs and lesson contents suitable for rural conditions.

KODA’s new project is in Bursa Orhaneli

KODA, which started preparations to establish a center for pilot studies to be implemented in rural areas, visited many villages and districts of Turkey before the pandemic. Stating that they finally decided to establish a center in Bursa Orhaneli, KODA General Coordinator Mine Ekinci stated that Orhaneli reflects all the characteristics of the countryside and said: “The high number of villages in the region and the continuation of agricultural activities in the villages were important for us when choosing. In addition, it is possible to reach all over Turkey due to its proximity to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. At the same time, we saw that Orhaneli District Governor Emir Osman Bulgurlu, Mayor Ali Aykurt, District Director of National Education Mehmet Tayır, the people of Orhaneli, Bursa Provincial Director of National Education Sabahattin Dülger and Bursa business people were very enthusiastic and supportive. All these observations showed us that Orhaneli is the best place for the center we have been dreaming of for years. We are evaluating how we will collaborate with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş and his team. “

Children, their families and teachers will benefit

After the center is established, Orhaneli will be the pilot area for many applications planned to take place in village schools and other rural areas. Trainings for the personal and professional development of village teachers from all over Turkey, studies to support the development of rural children, and trainings that will facilitate the communication of families living in villages with their children and support them will be provided. At the same time, trainings and meetings will be held on many topics such as rural development and local volunteering. The first implementation is the activities taking place in Orhaneli, and then it will spread to the whole of Turkey.

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