Handling paddles |  Life

Handling paddles | Life

Nowadays, I have a huge state of contentment and complacency with myself and everything.

My joy of life and my excitement about various experiences, some of which are actually challenging; what I did, what I didn’t do, what I couldn’t do; the person I am, the person I want to be, the witness side who knows that I am beyond all these “people”, sometimes I experience this and sometimes I forget deeply, sometimes I forget; my confusions and my unclearness, my impotence; Sometimes I know very well what he is doing and where he is going, my power …

I’m on a cruise with great pleasure – most of the time, if not always and continuously. The depth, transience, continuing variability of the thing called life is fascinating and it contains an infinite number of blessings at any moment if I can keep my eyes open and keep my awareness. As long as I do not switch to auto-pilot and live this life from somewhere memorized …

Speaking of grace, let me make a little post that has no connection with the flow of the writing but is very vivid in me these days. I want to put the two blessings I have experienced recently apart from the others, for when they happen I almost literally melt away: one is when a cat comes snarling and lies on my stomach, for example, on my back, and it enlivens me (which I didn’t feel so close until a few years ago. The first blessing is the moment when a child suddenly embraced me with the help of Seda Teacher’s cat in yoga classes, and the second one was recently, Life with Children, which was also mentioned in the article of the previous week. I experienced it in his camp. I’m shivering as I write these now.

Let’s go back to the flow of the article. The satisfaction and joy of life I mentioned is already my factory setting. I am mostly in enthusiasm, excitement and joy. Of course, I don’t have my downfalls, my depressions, and the loss of the meaning of life. do not know 290.

However, I have been on my agenda a lot since last year. masculine-feminine balance The emergence of the healthy masculine side, which is strengthened in me as well as the feminine side, which I have experienced strongly in recent years, has carried my joy of living and my self-contentment to a much higher level.

What am I talking about? As I refer to from time to time in these lines, I am in a wonderful adventure that started in 2012, which is clearly the milestone for me. In those days, I put aside the city I lived in, the job I worked and the potential future jobs, the life I had lived and started a brand new life. No matter how much I describe this brand new, whatever you look for in it: My philosophical view of life, my relationship with myself and others, my communication with all living and non-living beings and what is not; my changing ideas, acceptances, my memorizations that are beginning to dissolve about relationships, money, food and all the basic components of life …

While all this was going on, I started to approach life from an extremely feminine point of view – though I wouldn’t call it that way at that moment. When I look from where I am now, the desire to jump from one unhealthy masculine energy pole to another and to experience it has developed within me. And this has led me to fully surrender myself to life, to be with the flow, to trust life, to open up to my intuition and to listen to them, to fly in the direction that the wind is taking from wherever the wind blows. Is it bad? Zinhar! I was entangled in such beautiful flows and flights … I experienced firsthand how it carried me to beautiful stories, geographies, people when I let myself in its buoyancy rather than fight with life. And all these years it has given me such precious blessings that sometimes my gratitude is so high that there are times when I wondered how to express it and how I would return it all.

In short, experiencing the feminine pole spontaneously opened so many sweet doors for me, a lot of things happened easily, and it was my task to enjoy it all. But there was a moment when I came across the knowledge that there is more to life than that. I, who open up, let go, surrender, trust, and live through the magnificent responses (blessings) that come to my receptivity, I have not completely abandoned this, but to recognize the existence of the other side, to honor and see that I can expand much more if I add to my life, that I can become much more whole I began to realize that I could sail into much deeper experiences and serve life much more. The side I was talking about was my masculine side.

My other part that takes responsibility, not only to leave the flow but also use shovels from time to time, which is more active, more analytical … I see that it is not in energy, but in the fact that we have clothed it in our lives and the system from a place that does not serve life and is destructive, how necessary and an integral part of life.

And this topic, which has started to appear in the last few years and has become more visible in the past year, has started to move me to a more active place in life. Not by harming myself or others, but by relying on the carrier and power of the energy of motion, I have begun to multiply the beauties in life, to exist more, to act more (yes, while in the corona process!) And these lead me to much stronger satisfaction.

Nowadays, in the answer I often give to friends asking how I am and what I am doing, I compare myself to a juggler with a lot of balls in his hand. I have thrown six or seven balls in the air and I am making a serious effort to continue without dropping any of them. And in such joy, joy, enthusiasm … It is not possible that I drop it when I am distracted from time to time or when my strength is not enough, but after taking two breaths I immediately collect the balls and I start to turn them again …

I would like to briefly share the balls that I have translated these days: While continuing both online and face-to-face in hoops, I also think, move and set up possible hooped meetings in the near future. With the articles I write on this channel once a week, I have the opportunity to both crystallize my own content and share my inquiries, researches and achievements with someone. On the one hand, I am trying to devote time to gardening and gardening with the help of seasonal and corona restrictions. It is not enough, both with the help of technology and old-fashioned (ie face-to-face) meetings, socialization, discussion, solidarity continue at full speed and somehow I am in contact with too many people. I take the time to read and watch movies whenever I get the opportunity. As long as I’m here, I never miss my two yoga classes a week and I try to practice as much as I can at home. Although it has been in the background for a while, nowadays I am opening up space to reconnect with meditation. Oh, of course, there is also the topic of being a tribe, forming a tribe that I have written for the past two weeks: I think, move, talk, dream and take various steps in order to achieve the community life I have dreamed of.

And of course, behind all of these, the journey of self-knowledge, self-monitoring and self-understanding continues all the time. I take care to take all these steps with awareness, without getting lost in my busy agenda, forgetting myself, and I think I can achieve this to a great extent.

Here is the job of the masculine to keep up with all this simultaneously. I have been well nourished by the feminine side for years and as a result I started to understand and learn about myself and life; Obviously, I have accumulated a lot of energy to share more of the blessings and gifts that came out as a result. Now with the socks that I knit by myself, -pardon! I manage to multitask – to deal with it with pleasure and without much difficulty, to be on the same page. And I think that this is where my increased satisfaction, increasing self-contentment and increasing joy of life come from here.

Let it always be …

Not: Like many others, concepts such as masculine and feminine are creations we create to understand and read life. I do not think that there are such clear and distinct sides within us, but I find these definitions useful to perceive and locate our different qualities. For example, the part we call the masculine side that makes these definitions … 🙂

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