Fun sewing activities for kids |  Mother

Fun sewing activities for kids | Mother

Fish shaped laundry bag


● Two pairs of fabric about one meter each, one for the top of the fish and one for the bottom

● Some rope or ribbon to tie the mouth of the bag

Parts of felt to make your eyes

● A hairpin to secure the cliff


● If you want to make your job easier, you can make the design boss and cut it on the fabric.

● If you want to make it with a single piece of fabric, fixing and cutting the boss will do the trick.

● Then you can make fabric cuts and sew the sections you have determined for the edge points.

● Then, apply the tip-dry process for the second fabric that you made exactly the same and let the fabrics fit together. Make your seams.

● Thread the ropes you have reserved for the fly. You can use a hairpin or simply crochet to avoid the fly. You can then connect the lead leads.

● Sew the eyes made of felt to the top of the fish. If you want, you can also decorate the tail of the fish.

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