Full Moon in Virgo on February 27

Full Moon in Virgo on February 27

Hello there. A Full Moon will occur in Virgo at 11.17, Istanbul time on February 27th. Virgo is related to the earth, the order, the details, the business life, our work that requires us to question, elaborate, analyze, and even enslave us in a way. In addition, Başak is closely related to health and hygiene issues. In this period, issues related to business world, soil and agriculture, issues related to working life and health issues will come to the fore in the world, in our country and in our personal lives.

The full moon degree takes angles compatible with Uranus in the moment chart. This will bring good new beginnings to our business life, career, land-related investments or land-related businesses, our health, our daily work and health routine, and moves that will take us one step further. Globally, positive developments in health and vaccines, and cryptocurrencies may continue to rise. Also, the Full Moon degree is in conjunction with the THUBAN fixed star. THUBAN is a fixed star meaning physical or spiritual treasures. During this period, changes in our business life and health can provide benefits that are worth “treasure”, so to speak.

We see that the Ascendant sign of the moment chart is Gemini. This informs that the traffic of communication, short trips and educational subjects is increasing. Considering that pandemic restrictions will be eased in the coming period, it is obvious that more active days are waiting for us.

If we evaluate it over the rising signs;

Rising Aries

The most health, business and communication traffic impacts will be felt by the Rising Koçs. During this period, you can make new business agreements, start new health routines, and increase your communication traffic about your business.

Bull Rising

Love, fun, creativity and children, if any, are at the forefront for the Rising Taurus. They can add a new sports routine to their agenda because they will benefit greatly from the sports activities they will start in this period. They can also focus on hobbies and, if any, stage subjects.

Gemini Rising

For the rising twins, home, family, home, real estate issues will come to the fore. Real estate investments, activities they will spend at home with friends or working for a common purpose are among the topics that will bring benefits in this period.

Cancer Rising

For Rising Cancer, communication, siblings, relatives, close environment, travels and education issues are at the forefront. Writing and training works that require more reflection and work, detail and responsibility will be on the agenda.

Lion Rising

For the Rising Lions, financial issues, their property and money issues will be at the forefront. They are in a period when they have to take responsibility for money and make calculations. There may be an increase in their career income. It is a favorable period for financial negotiations.

Virgo Rising

This Full Moon, which will be quite prominent for Rising Virgo, carries certain energies of completion especially in business and health matters. It may be the end of an era or another state of consciousness that you will pass through in business and health matters. It is a period when your emotional intensity is more on these issues. You can take yourself a step further by getting support from your subjects, foreigners or teachers that you have studied and have vision.

Libra Rising

Those that will spend this period most closed or least noticeably will be the rising Libra. During this period, there may be jobs that you missed in your business life, you were not given enough information, or even turned behind you. You may need to deal with health and hospital issues. There will be a period in your subconscious or psychology where you experience certain awareness with the end of some things.

Scorpio Rising

For the Rising Scorpions, your place in communities where you work for a common goal such as human groups, friend groups, project groups will come to the fore. You may experience certain endings and new beginnings regarding these issues. You can be in these groups and work with your personal friends, spouse or partner.

Sagittarius Rising

Career and success will be at the forefront this period for Yükselen Yay. You may experience endings and new beginnings on some issues related to your career. Issues related to your public label, identity and awareness are also on the agenda. When you have a patient and responsible attitude, this will take you one step further in your career. You can also get support from your colleagues.

Capricorn Rising

During this period, your studies on academic issues, educational matters, foreign issues, travels and publishing will be at the forefront. If you are in the field of education, there may be exams or articles you need to prepare, publications. Your creativity and stage skills will provide you with new insights and support in these areas.

Aquarius Rising

For Ascendant Aquarius, the topics of debt, loans, credit, joint or spouse income will come to the fore. You have to think in detail and make calculations on some of the financial expenses you will make during this period. It is on the agenda that you receive financial support from your family regarding your debts.

Fish Rising

The issues that will come to the fore for Rising Fish will be partnerships and bilateral relations. You can come together to correct, discuss and analyze some things about your marriage or your partners. Your siblings and relatives can support you in these matters. If it is a partnership, your circle and the people you are in contact with can benefit you.

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