Full moon in Virgo: Is the ax superior to the tree?

Full moon in Virgo: Is the ax superior to the tree?

On February 27, at 11.17, the full moon will occur at the 8th degree of Virgo, which is variable. Accompanying the end of retrograde Mercury, the full moon in Virgo indicates that it is time to deal with and conclude in a practical way the suspended issues and decisions. The feeling of being headed towards an unknown decreases.

The health of the body / spirit and ongoing relationships may gain priority in this period. Therefore, toxic relationships may end. Ways of rebuilding daily order, getting rid of excesses, cleansing, and getting organized can be used. Targets for the next few months are determined and plans are made. A new phase will begin with the spring equinox, which is the beginning of the astrological new year, on March 20-21.

How do you feel physically? Is your energy high? If not, is it possible that you have habits that are not good for you? How do you relax and where do you feel comfortable? Do you take the time to relax? Or what bother you and why do you persistently cling to things / people that are not good for you? Are you sure that you are not trying to take something by force, not having impossible expectations?

Do you show symptoms such as headache, blood pressure, overeating? Virgo full moon may be ideal for you to look for answers to these questions, analyze your physical and mental state, and heal the problems experienced.

Rules regarding public health, society’s order and habits may change. New criteria can be set for vaccination and vaccine companies. For example, some vaccine brands may not be valid for certain countries.

Every full moon, without exception, increases the tension between opposites and the balances break down to be re-established on a different ground.

If you have idealized someone and ignored their negative character traits, it may be that you think you are being deceived by that person now. Feelings such as misunderstandings, victimized situations, feeling and fear of rejection, disappointment may occur. But are you sure that you are not deceiving yourself, because you are not disappointed?

The full moon that will take place on the Virgo fish axis emphasizes that everything cannot be controlled and everything cannot always be reasonable and perfect. You may need to weigh how you react to circumstances and people that are beyond your control. You may not like the choices of some people around you, but it may be a better idea to quietly move away from people and situations rather than behave in an angry and despotic manner.. Virgo full moon means being sensitive to criticism and criticizing others too much. Unfortunately, if you complain without breathing and if you are critical, looking for the problem in another constantly can distract you from the solution.

If you feel tired of constantly trying to fix something about someone, the time has come when you need to see that the point is not correcting it but accepting it. Once you accept the situation, it will be easier for you to determine your distance with these people.

The Full Moon in Virgo will force us to let go of those sides that prevent us from realizing our dreams. We can feel ready to take more responsibility for our goals.

In Virgo, the full moon may bring up issues that slow us down physically and spiritually, and people who prevent us from staying productive and joyful to the healthy functioning of our lives. On this occasion, some blurry relationships can be ended with the need to simplify, clarify, heal and purify.

Release the part of you who did not forgive, not the person who hurt you. Unleash the side that makes you sick, not your addictions and diseases. Give up your expectations, not your disappointment. Free the part of you that keeps you from loving, not your hate or anger.

Simplification and Purification

Purification is an action needed after pain, grief, fatigue, and dirt. Man can be purified by fasting, prayer, by the rituals that he has made part of his order, by sleep, by silencing meaningless hurtful words or by silencing. People can also be purified by washing clothes or dishes. Purification allows us to make peace with the day left behind and forgive what the day has given us.

Returning to factory settings and our familiar intimacy circle makes it easy to get our head together, refine and simplify. We need to turn inside, leaving out the things we carry, like an incompatible organ in our body, that you are poisoned with.

The purification process is a winding road, but the needed renewal is achieved in this way.

Earth signs symbolize nature and the order of nature. Nature is both a temple and a workshop where man is a worker. The full moon in Virgo tests how we can survive in a forest with no axes, in the midst of all the brutality, by building vehicles. The forest shapes man, and no doubt man shapes the forest.

Is the life you shape about destroying and hurting others? Do you give every living thing a chance and space for it to grow again?

A person who loves himself and has a healthy relationship with himself does not aim to hurt another person. No person who is at peace with himself can feed off the pain, sorrow, affliction or fragility of another.

The ax looks superior to the wood, it wounds, cuts, shapes it, but the ax’s steel is doomed to be blunted by the sap, water, and resistance of the tree. The soul of the person who is not only subjected to violence, but also harmed, and who applies violence, is damaged, rusted and damaged like the steel of an ax.

The heart is an ancient healing tree, and in every wound we take, it destroys itself with the liquid of our essence, the will that hurts us.

With courage and hope

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