For those who want to be a guide |  Life

For those who want to be a guide | Life

If he is going to take a group on an expedition, the guide must have walked that path himself first. Must have passed the ranges to be crossed and be familiar with the area. On the other hand, one should always keep in mind that the ranges are being renewed and reborn from moment to moment, and should not fall into the indifference and “I know” trap during the voyage, and always stay awake. And likewise; he should know that the same range, the same path, the same aim is different for each life. And again, it should not be overlooked that each soul is brand new at every new time, every new moment; he should not think that he knows anyone, that he knows, that he is indivisible; including himself.

The guide must put the spirits entrusted to him on the expedition he leads above his own pleasure. Since he aspires to service, he should give his due to the end, and he should know that the door of service is truly opened when he passes through me.

You are on the right path when all this comes from the heart, not with self-sacrifice, self-sacrifice. You may not be there yet; Don’t worry, don’t burden yourself. Just notice, look, watch and pray. In time, what needs to transform will transform, what needs to fall off will fall, and all kinds of masks that need to come off will come out. Be patient and pray. Always remember your servitude and helplessness and open yourself to the blessings that come. As you are ready, blessings will flow more and more purely upon you – and over you.

But what should you do on journeys where you are not a guide, grasshopper? I see and honor your beating heart to serve, but what is the need to focus on giving at all times. If you are on a journey where you are a passenger, then enjoy your journey and appreciate it; know your journey Notice and watch the sides of you that want to interfere with this-this-that; without judgment, without hesitation. And let it be. Whoever makes a mistake, let his mouth burn. How else can you learn…

Moreover, what you see as a mistake may be your fiction. Maybe it’s not a mistake, even if it seems that way to you. Maybe it’s just his sheer truth to take those steps. You can not know; Most of the time, almost never, you never know.

Moreover, you somehow knew the mistake without leaving any doubt; Think three times before intruding. And even if you’ve thought about it and a touch is essential (it doesn’t even come from your being), then welcome but don’t forget to take the destur first. If the door is opening, get in, do what you will do as soon as possible with the least intervention, and exit again through the same door. Appreciation, without waiting for thanks, at most by giving thanks; because you were given the mission of embassy and the door of service was opened to you.

If you knock on the door and it does not open, do not act; Don’t try to break the door. Gently walk away…

Also, if they come and ask for support, if they open the door on their own, you can respond. Of course, again with the least intervention, as soon as possible, and then out again… Don’t let them lean on you, let go of themselves, develop dependency on you. Small, minimal touches; It is everyone’s own responsibility after the end of the day… If there is a need, explain and present it to them, so that they do not turn into fish out of water and think that they are abandoned. We will of course carry each other when necessary, but we will leave each other as soon as the readiness comes, without a moment’s delay; so that each of us can stand on our own feet. In order for our musculoskeletal system to develop, it needs to work, exercise is needed; So is our mind and soul.

Let them know that first of all, it is most important that they have not abandoned themselves. If they did this, if the whole world came together, they would not be able to keep them from falling into the bottom of the well, from falling into the abyss.

Ultimately, this is a lonely journey, even if accompanied by other souls… Everyone takes their own breath into their own lungs and exhales from there. No one lives this life for anyone.

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