Farewell to polarization |  Life

Farewell to polarization | Life

Do you always feel obliged to belong somewhere, brother? I know this need is very normal. Maslow[1] third in the famous pyramid of needs “Belonging and love” coincides with the digit. After taking care of the physical needs and security problem, one can come to this third step. Although the Corona epidemic and its effects on our lives have upset even this seventy-year-old system now, let’s try to understand it in this form.

Where is my head getting confused?

I know the feeling of belonging somewhere is very nice, it makes you feel powerful. I don’t even mind feeling dedicated to a family, to a social benefit. I also believe that human beings should have a life principles, a paradigm, but when it comes to becoming fanatical, holding a true pole and ignoring the opposite side, my dear brother does not take it.

When it belongs; Do we feel more loved for a family, a group, a team, a belief, a political party or an association? When we know the truths of that group, what happens to the other truths in the sea of ​​endless alternatives? What about the other side? Are they always wrong?

I do not know. I’m asking you bro, you think too! Frankly, I could not be exactly one of those who could belong. I was usually the only one in between. In fact, he is one of those whose name is called “female opposition” because he objects to those who are not good at his head and heart. Life has also made me the honor of not being one of those who always gathered at those poles, but to be one of the people in the middle somewhere in a small number. It’s like an unstable atom… I questioned why I am like this for a long time. I finally got it. Life designed me like this. Consequently, my choices were always in that direction. In fact, every time I have a point of view that reminds me to understand the other, I’m just noticing. I am proud of the consciousness that can do this, I could not pass without saying.

For example, when I look back, I see that even the department I graduated from was an intermediate discipline. I studied informatics about twenty years ago. Even today I still need a few sentences to describe exactly what happened. Somewhere between Computer Engineering and Management Engineering… I’ve always been trying to tell one to another. In my business life, I had roles explaining the needs of other departments to technical staff. Naturally, this situation required having the perspective of both sides.

Of course I’m not the subject, brother, but I think I’m a good example of the subject. I wanted to move forward with my life example and behavior model. Man can best understand and write what is in himself, excuse me! You know I write both my light and shadow sides with the same sincerity. I think that the experience of one of us belongs to all of us.


I don’t know where this multiple perspective came from, but when I was learning the perspectives module during my coaching trainings, I figured out that life is right here. Living life in full satisfaction required being in balance, not being polarized, and not being stuck with a single point of view. Human consciousness was then able to live properly and expand. Since we are all a part of that SINGLE and COMMON consciousness, then our duty, isn’t our duty to understand it well?

Why shouldn’t polarization be our way?

Whatever suffered they were all withdrawn from polarity, vicious perspectives. From the structures that do not combine but separate. Earlier The Union is calling for WE I wrote in my article brother, if you have time to take a look! It is easy to divide, shred and manage. If you create parties and make the masses enemies to each other, there are many opportunities that you can benefit from all of them, but only the jackals will think of it.

WE diverge so much and gather at the poles that we create numerical imbalances that will prevent us from uniting. There are as many different perspectives as there are people, however, in life. And despite all this diversity, we love the polarization and the booming voices and gather around them. Sometimes we think there is only one truth. Ignoring the other, we go to the other side and become polar.

Where is the solution?

Looking at nature and physics, you have heard of the law of attraction of opposite poles, brother. Yes, there are polar opposites, we have to recognize their existence for a long time before we can perceive life. But like the proposition mentioned by this cliché, there is an attraction between them, and this requires unification. UNITY, which I always try to explain, is in the essence of life, brother. Our duty to humans is to understand and see these areas and actually unite them without separating them. Almost a bridge as…

How is it possible to be a bridge?

Whatever comes to mind when you think of a bridge, my brother is exactly that! A bond that unites the two sides, establishes paths from one to the other… A beautiful generation with feet on both sides, that binds them without rebelling to the existence of the parties, is on them… When we look at the energy of the bridge metaphor, it would be possible to combine what we think cannot come together in life? I think a lot about this place, and I can say that we have not only been thinking about it for the last year and a half, but also doing our own bridging duty with my dear comrades. You know, brother, we are working tirelessly in pursuit of the transformation of social consciousness. First move “Agriculture” we said. So it happened. interviews with farmers who have done great little bunch of important things in Turkey, we met with women’s cooperatives, intersected with our young and WE way we have always been working in this area of ​​the bridge itself. We have learned to connect different groups, we are learning. We move forward by combining the old and the new, the young and the old, naturally technology, and fast and slow everything but everything. Because we do not judge, we do not say “good” or “bad”. We are trying to read life from a NEUTRAL place. We develop and grow along the way and evolve into an organizational structure. I will write these to you as the time comes, maybe I’ll tell you somewhere!

We create the values ​​of the New Earth together in our own small universe. Here are among these values polarity never! I wanted to know. I wanted to see the great potential it holds in letting go of some areas where the old energy is trying to dominate. That’s why I wrote this article… I wanted to say let’s not hold on to what we know right, listen to the voice of what we see as the other party. I wanted us to realize that the colors that are said to be “do not come together” look good side by side. While the Universe blesses the uniqueness of every existence within itself, I wanted to see how we make huge judgments just because of the other side, not from US. Of the WE I’m talking about WE ALL I wanted to understand that.

And I wanted the New World to have no poles.

I wished it all from the heart.

Your brother Nihan,

[1] American psychologist, Abraham Maslow’s theory: https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow_teorisi

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