Europe’s #1 English teaching platform: Novakid |  Mother

Europe’s #1 English teaching platform: Novakid | Mother

In the March-June 2021 study, experts from consulting and research company J’son & Partners examined the offline and online English as a second language (ESL) Learning Marketplace, Online ESL schools and trends for children 0-14 years old (in the B2C segment: teacher-to-student learning) and Novakid ranked first among children’s online ESL platforms serving the European market.

The study estimates that the global online ESL learning market will be worth a total of $10 billion in 2021 and the children of all ages segment worth $3 billion in 2021. In 2021, the English language learning market (traditional offline and online learning) reached a record 1.7 billion students.

The experts analyzed more than 90 global and local online schools with different business models and focused on the segment of teacher-assisted online English learning for children up to 14 years old. Examining online ESL audiences in detail from 36 European countries, experts evaluated online schools operating in these countries. During the study, J’son & Partners collected and analyzed macroeconomic data, country-level market forecasts, company information, and supporting public materials and resources. The analysis included information from companies, customer reviews from multiple sources, and opinions of international and local teachers about the online schools they teach.

The Novakid school was ranked 1st based on the number of active students, student satisfaction, teacher education level and teacher experience. The school ranked second among students in categories such as teacher grade and teacher satisfaction. In addition, the Novakid school placed first in app stores based on customer reviews (out of 21 competitors), second in search rankings in Google Trends, and first in position changes in Google Trends in 2020-21 (out of 40 competitors).

Maxim Azarov, founder of Novakid, said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the digital learning and language learning market, resulting in a dramatic increase in online education users and overall market growth. With the adoption of English as a global language driving growth. Another major factor is that around 20 percent of the world’s population speaks English. The popularity of online English language training for kids has increased significantly since the pandemic began. A year later, it’s still growing and poised to continue to grow exponentially. “We believe the wider availability of learning platforms is a result of expanding career opportunities for those with a good command of the English language and an increase in remote work. As language research shows, you need to start learning a language as a child to reach a high level of fluency.”

Additional details about the study

The aim of the study was to evaluate the world online English language learning market, to review and identify the main trends and barriers in the market, and to analyze the leading online English language schools for children (in the teacher-assisted learning segment) in Europe as a whole: Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey and Russia.

Europe is the region with the highest English proficiency, with around 97 percent of secondary school students learning English. This is the result of years of effort by the European Ministries of Education and the European Commission to promote multilingualism. The biggest markets for learning English as a second language are Germany, France and Russia, and the countries with the highest English proficiency (over 80%) are Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Russia, Turkey and Ukraine have the smallest share (12-16%) of English speakers.

Svetlana Vodianova, CEO of J’son & Partners Consulting, said, “Remote work, the demand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics specializations in the digital age and online studies in any chosen specialty in hopes of obtaining a job offered by the world’s largest universities and technology companies is driving the growth of the foreign language learning market.” English is the undisputed favorite for cross-border communication. We analyzed and discovered that parents who want more international education and career paths for their children in major countries (Europe, China, India, Mexico, Brazil, etc. where English is not the national language) are showing an increasing interest in distance learning programs and services in English with a teacher.”

The global popularity of virtual learning is not surprising. It represents an inexpensive and effective alternative to traditional English teachers and regular schools, making education more accessible to a wide variety of people.

Online learning can be more productive than offline learning in a number of ways. Research shows that, on average, online learning is more effective and efficient than traditional classroom learning because it allows students to work at their own pace and repeat material as needed. Modern analytical tools for monitoring the learning process help to take timely action to improve memorization and monitor the quality of learning.

About Novakid

Novakid was founded in 2017 in Silicon Valley, USA. It is an international online English language school for children aged 4-12 with a certificate of working with children. The education is based on the platform developed by Novakid that allows children to be deeply immersed in the language learning process using virtual reality and gamification technologies. It uses a group online role-playing game (MMORPG) model where students interact with each other and earn personal “achievements” and teachers act as moderators. The unique methodology of student progress assessment (1500+ parameters, A/B testing and other components of the data-driven approach) delivers high learning outcomes and allows tailoring the program to the needs of each student. Official website:

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