Esra and Marcia |  Life

Esra and Marcia | Life

“Don’t answer me, Behzat!”

Wow, look at Esra. Behzat, a law-abiding law man, ‘people’s’ supervisor, who suffers from acute depression, whose fist and curses are not known to the right and left, is very hesitant, says to the chief superintendent, don’t answer me, and the bass shouts. She doesn’t have a goddamn figure, but she’s a pretty woman. He was the prosecutor, too, his charisma is not passed. How he was released at the scene, especially in the evening, he drops his hair on his shoulder, and includes his raki; oh how cool woman she was.

The character was beautifully written, and it turns out that we were so in love with the Prosecutor Esra.

There is also another Lady of the Prosecutor, Marcia Clark, whose character and destiny were written not by a servant like Esra but by the creator herself.

Let’s sit Esra and Marcia side by side in a middle-class jazz cafe in Ankara and have a chat with them. (Marcia won’t stay long. The reason will soon be understood.)

Marcia’s hair is short. He is the chief prosecutor in a case where OJ Simpson, one of the most well-known and beloved athletes in his country, was tried for murder. Esra and Marcia have just gotten divorced, but Marcia, just like Esra, is unable to swipe her hair and go to drink raki. Her hair is short and her children are waiting for her at home.

When almost all the cameras in the country were turned into the courtroom where he was serving, Marcia thought of getting her head straightened, a reflex, we often want to look decent when someone tries to record us. Marcia did not have much time to consider whether she was looking decent, but she also had no luxury of not looking straight like the team of men in gray suits around her. Those behind the cameras would even start talking about his tackiness, the absurdity of his hair, the paint of his face at the first opportunity.

Our Prosecutor Esra, on the other hand, somehow managed to keep her regular ponytail in the morning and her curls always sparkling at night. She had no power to worry about her husband, child. He would go to the courthouse, check the files, tour the crime scene and shout at Behzat; Therefore, he would have both mecali and a lot of enthusiasm to fill the raki and sell it in the evenings, he would always be ready to appear in front of the camera.

There are many women who think that they should look ‘like a man’ in order to be able to do their job and to be respected. The admiration for Esra, our fictional character, stems from her ability to be beautiful and attractive ‘like a woman’ and even to smile flirtatiously outside of working hours, and to stand up to our Behzat supervisor ‘like a man’. Moreover, Esra was also in love with this fragile man who could not love, only that ‘man’ could make him.

Poor Marcia, on the other hand, had no head to challenge anyone. Her ex-husband slanders her, magazine shows persistently give her aesthetic advice; Moreover, things were not going well in his case unless the crooked justice system could touch OJ Simpson, the ‘man of the people’. When Esra lost faith in justice, she was stressing out with whiskey on Sakarya Street, while Marcia was able to sacrifice her lungs by burning cigarettes to the blindfolded goddess in her backyard in the middle of the night.

Marcia had not been ‘like a man’, and had lost the case anyway. She was mocked at a hearing where it was discussed whether she could take care of her children in the evening. Marcia had a lot of work, and no one could admire her. If Marcia tried to be rumored, she would be nagging.

Esra, on the other hand, would conquer the hearts of both Behzat and her audience with her femininity and male manhood in a tremendous balance. When Esra started to be spoken, the sentence would bow down in front of the person.

Now Marcia has received a call, her children have ‘locked’ it again, she will go home. The fictional Esra will continue to impress us a little more in this jazz cafe for a long time.

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