Emotions are the key to truth

Emotions are the key to truth

We don’t know how to talk about our feelings. This is one of the reasons why most people do not want to go to the therapist. To the average person, covering up emotions seems like an easier solution.

For our emotions that cause us to feel pressured and confused, our solution is to ignore them. However, we don’t realize that this is actually like trying to sleep while the fire alarm is sounding. If we can put aside the idea that our emotions are against us and accept that they are actually a part of us, we can use them as a way-finding tool for our decisions. Because they don’t just arise, there is surely a reason for their existence. Just like physical pain, our emotions warn us, just as we have a pain somewhere when there is a problem. Being at peace with our emotions gives us the opportunity to listen to our instincts as well.

Our emotions often have a source. This could be an event, situation, person, or other emotion. The root of our physical body is our emotions, we understand what is happening around us and the world we live in with our emotions. Our instincts also work with our emotions and guide us in the decisions we need to make. We can pay attention to when and why we feel discomfort, fear, and anxiety. When it becomes permanent, this may be a warning. By working together, logic and emotions can provide us with vital information about our environment.

The meaning of the word emotion in Latin is “mot” and its meaning is movement. This tells both that emotions are in motion and that they direct our actions. Our emotions are our motivation to act, and when we throw them aside, we find it hard to move and get stuck. When we feel cornered, we must consider what emotion we suppress.

Emotions can often be things we’re not very happy to feel, but ignoring them won’t do us any good either.

Situations that need change in our lives often come to get rid of the uncomfortable feelings we feel. If we can accept emotions, we can use the ailments they indicate to make changes in our lives. For example, anger is an emotion that we find difficult to show due to social norms. Suppressing anger can have passive-aggressive consequences. When we get angry, instead of suppressing that feeling, we can focus on what triggers it. Likewise, denying anger amplifies this feeling. At this point, the most logical thing is to accept anger and direct it to communication. Anger is a very powerful emotion and it shows us what is important and how much we take care of ourselves.

All types of relationships with people have their own characteristics. We think we understand people and express ourselves in the best way possible. Conflicts come from the differences between what we think and what the other person feels. People who are stuck with details can get defensive and miss the real issue. Trying to communicate by putting ourselves more at the forefront is where discussions begin.

Expressing our emotions in relationships helps reduce tension. Being able to openly and mutually talk about all the experiences and the feelings they create helps to understand each other as well as eliminating misunderstandings. Emotions are universal and they are the only true language of communication between people.

Emotions are the most important factor for getting closer among people. We want to share emotions that come from instinct, action, or communication with someone. This sharing is the most valuable part of the intimacy and bond that occurs between people. By sharing our feelings with the people we trust, we form the strongest bonds. These ties, which will not be easily destroyed in the future, are also nourished by honesty and continuity of sharing.

We understand how real people are from our feelings. We constantly doubt the reality of happy, cheerful, smiling people. We think we don’t know the whole story about that person and we have trouble sharing. It means that we really trust someone and explain our feelings, and show us how they can help us when we have difficulty.

In difficult times, we both try to help the people around us and we want people to support us in the same way.

Giving them this chance gives us the opportunity to build balanced relationships.


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