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Eighties unforgettable comedy series | Life


“My name is ALF. I come from the planet Melmac. I am part of a civilization millions of years ahead of you and now live in a laundry hamper next to the washing machine ”. Carved into our hearts with the voice of Müşfik Kenter, ALF is an alien who has become one of the family and lives hidden from everyone. He seeks the opportunity to eat the cat of the house, but he can never reach his goal. The production, which caused everyone, young and old, to look forward to Sunday mornings between 1986-1990, is one of the series called “if it was re-aired”. A little bit of information for those wondering what ALF stands for: The word means Alien Life Form.

Cosby Family

The most famous series of the 80s, Cosbies, are among the series that marked the period with the character of Bill Cosby, especially voiced by Sezai Aydın. Huxtable family with 5 children of “Cosby Show”; Cliff and his wife Claire live an active life with their children Theo, Denise, Sandra, Vanessa and Rudy. The father of the family is a gynecologist doctor who uses his home as an office. Young girls of that period still cannot forget the scene where the free-spirited character of Denise, played by the famous star Lisa Bonet, came by saying “I got married”. The Cosby Family was published between 84-92.

Gorgeous duo

Who could forget Cousin Larry and Cousin Balki in The Fabulous Duo, shown among the best sit-com dramas ever? Larry and Balky are two cousins ​​who have never seen each other before, and Balki Bartokomous migrates to the US from the countryside where he lived on a Mediterranean island to join his cousin in the series originally named “Perfect Strangers.” The typical American Larry refuses to live with the immigrant Balky, but he cannot resist his cousin’s naivety. Balki’s saying “Cousin Lari” is still in the ears …

Married with Children

Anyone who has heard the song “Love and Marriage” now remembers this drama. Legendary Bundy’s… Published for 10 years since 1987, “Married with Children” was telling the American dream through a family with all its characters. The character of Al Bundy went down in history as the family man of a “loser”. The contrasting lives of Al, Peggy, Kelly, and Bud to their “decent” neighbors Marcy and Jefferson attracted millions of viewers to screen for 11 full seasons. “Married with Children” was re-published in our country in the 2000s. The local version of the series was also shot.

Charles in Action

Watching Charles At Work, starring Scott Baio in the lead role, was a joy, especially for high schoolers dreaming of college life. Even though those who watched Charles in Action today found Charles unreally resourceful and benevolent, Charles remained an exemplary character in everyone’s mind and left beautiful impressions. The series aired for 5 seasons between 1984-1990. The song “Charles in Charge” is still in the ears of nostalgia lovers …

Who is the boss?

“Who is the Boss?”, Aired for eight seasons between 86-92, is memorable with its romantic story and not disappointing finale. Tony Micelli, a single father who had to quit baseball, moves to a new city with his daughter Samantha and starts looking for a job. Tony’s boss-butler relationship with Angela, who starts a job as a steward at the house of the successful businesswoman, advertiser Angela, sparks romantic over time. The series, in which Angela’s mother Mona is remembered for her colorful character, is the first production to attract the attention of the beautiful actress Alyssa Milano.

A House Full

Raising a child with Uncle Joey and the cool Rocker Jessie… One of the most beloved TV series of the ’80s, “A House Full” was a delightful story about a father who lost his wife raising three daughters with the help of his brother-in-law and housemate. The series, which started to air as a Netflix series with the names of “Fuller House” and “Our House” in 2016, brought the adventures of the Tanner family to the screen after many years with a slightly different version.

Golden Girls

Golden Girls, one of the legendary TV series of the 80s, was about the story of 4 women who moved to a house in Miami and started to live together after their retirement. The adventures of beloved characters Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia received 4 Golden Globe awards. The Turkish version of the series was later published. Betty White (98), who plays Rose, one of the characters of the series that aired from 1985 to 1992 is still alive.

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