Ebru Yolver: “Every artist is free, loves to express freely”

Ebru Yolver: “Every artist is free, loves to express freely”

Ebru Yolver, who started a different art movement with the Cafegrafin technique, attracted the attention of many people in a short time with this technique. Working mainly in acrylic and watercolors, Yolver is an extraordinary painter looking for new discoveries by using his creativity to the fullest. Working freely without sticking to a particular pattern, Yolver likes to blend many art disciplines together. Actually, he is both a painter and a designer. In addition, he received the “Expert in Profession Award” by the 2018 Business Channel Turkish TV channel. He has mixed and solo exhibitions. He believes that if the pandemic ends, art projects will become visible. Let’s share a little detail. He enjoys surrealism and sincerely admits that he is a fan of Dali. The reflection of Dali’s jewelery and furniture designs on the lines added color to the conversation. Thank you for the pleasant conversation.

You broke new ground in time and started painting with coffee. How did your journey begin and what is the hallmark of coffee for you? Do you have any other innovations other than coffee in your mind right now?

Yes, I started painting with coffee in 2001-2002 and I was the first person to open an exhibition. It was in the press a lot at that time. The adventure of coffee was very enjoyable. Since I also studied design, I like trying different materials. I will continue to innovate and experiment throughout my life.

Do you think painting can be done with other techniques other than coffee? What differences should we set sail for for real and effective art? What do you think should be done to be free in art?

Of course it can be done. I think there is no end to material and ideas. Being free in art; to express freely and freely what they want to tell, materials and techniques. Artist; If he likes to play with different and different materials, he can create comfortable expressive works that he can freely play with himself with constant changes in his works.

Are there any art movements that you are inspired by, or do you draw pictures freely without entering into a certain pattern based entirely on your instincts?

Every artist is free and likes to express freely. But of course, there may be trends that he likes or is influenced by. I like surrealist expressions, abstract and figurative mixes. I’m a Dali fan; I admire Deli’s work greatly. In addition, it can also be used for jewelry, furniture, etc. having designs makes me feel very close.

As far as I see, you work abstractly and use many colors together. What do colors mean to you? Is it difficult to use mixed techniques together? How’s the approach to this mixed technique?

Yes, I like abstract expressions. Mixed media is one of the techniques that are enjoyable to work with. I like to mix many techniques in my narratives. I think that it makes the works stronger with the meanings and emotional interactions it gives in colors.

It is quite difficult to give new meanings to people by making them think in your pictures, but you reflect this very well. There is always a mystery and faces and bodies suddenly disappear, what do you think about it?

Thank you so much. I like to use different narratives. While I was studying at the fine arts faculty, before and after school, I made so many drawings that things appear and are exactly as they are; I no longer prefer illustrations with the shape of our fully visible eye as they see it. It is more enjoyable to be mysterious or with my comments.

What do you think about art in Turkey? What steps do you think art should go through in order to strengthen it?

In recent years, I think young generation artists and artist candidates who have a very bright future have been coming, but I think they should be supported. I always think that new generation artists should be supported, not the works of old veteran artists. Their art should also be enjoyed.

How much has the pandemic affected art and will we see works related to the pandemic in exhibitions from now on?

The pandemic has changed the art, of course. Online exhibitions were launched, and museums opened their doors online. In fact, they had nice interactions, of course. Of course, many studies have emerged under the effect of the pandemic. We are experiencing a process that will go down in history. Work and works will surely leave their mark in this process of history.

You have a multidisciplinary understanding of art, how did this develop? What do you feel while painting, are there any moments when you get stuck with ideas?

Yes, I like to blend both, since I studied design and painting. I continue to make designs and pictures. It also feeds each other in my life. The work I do on one can inspire the other. Yes, there can be painful periods or people can be blocked. Then it may be necessary to get a little further away and take care of something else and be fed. Then, when you return to work, you can go into a super productive state.

Do you think everyone interested in the art of painting should know the history of art very well, and what would your suggestions be for the amateurs and beginners dealing with this art?

I think they should know, even know all branches of art. I think they should research and learn whatever there is that they can nourish and equip themselves.

What ways do the painters have to follow in order to discover their own styles? Those who do this job as a hobby are quite successful right now, what do you think?

They have to work hard and constantly produce in order to achieve their own style. Too much drawing, observation, research. It is important to study art history and veteran artists. They will add many things to themselves by researching them.

Do you think painting is stronger than love?

The love of painting is another beauty, the love for people is another beauty for me. The feel and effect of all of them are valuable …

Are there new exhibitions, new projects?

Yes, there are new exhibitions and projects, but the dates are not clear now due to the pandemic period. We have a public art project, our Shahmaran sculptures on which we paint … This project is now waiting for its time to heal. When the world and Turkey overcome the pandemic process as soon as possible, many of our new art projects will become visible.

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