Easy nail art models |  Beauty

Easy nail art models | Beauty

You can get a new look on your nails by using newspaper pages. First of all, we recommend applying a base coat to prepare your nails for nail polish. Then apply a white, off-white, or beige nail polish in two layers and wait for it to dry. Take turns wetting your nails with an alcohol-containing cologne and press a portion of the newspaper onto your nail. When you lift the newspaper, you will see that the articles have transferred to your nail.

You can use transparent tapes to bring color to your nails. You can create special nails just for you by applying the colors you want on the shapes you create on your nails with tapes. First of all, apply the nail polish you want to be the base color and dry it. Then, with the tapes you cut in various shapes or strips, create shapes on your nails and apply the other color of your choice. You need to remove the tapes before the nail polish dries. If you are a little careful at this stage, you will get the result you want.

You can easily make a difference in your nails by using floss handles. After you apply the ground color you have determined on your nails and dry, apply a different color of nail polish on the dental floss and move it back and forth on your nails. Repeat this process using three or four different colors.

It is very easy to get a snake skin look on your nails with a thin fishnet stocking. First, apply a dark nail polish to the floor. Wait for it to dry. Then, apply two emerald green and bright blue nail polish on a sponge and apply it to your nail over the net.

Tear off a piece of plastic wrap and crumple it. Make sure it is not like a very tight ball. Then apply the color of your choice on the floor and dry it. After it dries, apply another nail polish you prefer on your nail and remove it by touching the cling film without waiting for it to dry. Apply your fixing nail polish after it dries.

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