Don’t use a towel to dry your face

Don’t use a towel to dry your face

While drying your face with a towel after washing seems like the most logical thing to do, it can actually do more harm than good to your face. For this reason, you can choose not to use towels from now on, considering the following items:

The towel you use to dry your face and body can damage your skin more than you think. It contains a lot of bacteria on the towels and due to the humid bathroom environment, the perfect environment for bacteria to grow is created. When you rub the towel on your face, you carry all these bacteria directly onto your skin, which can eventually lead to cracking and clogging of your pores. Even if you use a towel for your face that is separate from drying your body, you probably do not wash it every day, and unwanted bacteria are still taking place on your skin.

Fabric bath towels are very tough and using them can create small tears in your skin, making it vulnerable to infections and wrinkles. The more you wash the towels, the harder it becomes and the friction they create acts as an exaggerated exfoliation for your skin.

Although drying your face after washing seems like a natural thing, it doesn’t really allow your skin to get the most out of the products you apply. Your moisturizer will penetrate the skin better before all the water on its surface has evaporated. Skipping the towel drying step allows your skincare products to lock in the moisture your skin needs to keep it looking young and radiant.

If you have sensitive skin, using a towel is not a good option to dry your face. Wiping your face with them can cause skin redness and irritation, as most terry cloths can be too harsh on the skin.

It might sound a bit contradictory, but drying your skin can make it oily. Since rough towels can remove the natural oils your skin needs to stay healthy, the sebaceous glands beneath the skin’s surface will need to produce more oil to balance dryness, which will cause your skin to become excessively oily.

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