Does yoga make man a butterfly of love?

Does yoga make man a butterfly of love?

He changed his photo with a slogan. Above its name, “I don’t practice yoga!” he is writing. He’s “badly” bored. Not one of those who do yoga, but from those who say “exactly”, that they do yoga. At first, they didn’t get on his nerves when they said, “You will feel great if you do it too.” The names of the halls were passed as “I will see”, and the advice of the teacher as “Hı-hı”. He ignored those who insisted, a little managed. It was the “love” part that took off their insurance. Someone took a short cut so that he would not talk about it again: “I do not practice yoga!”

I have been practicing yoga for seven years. Actually I could have started before, but “I’m doing yoga. Look, I can stand on my head, ”I was afraid of those who said. And I was afraid that the Jehovah’s Witnesses were saying exactly the same as their missionaries. Anyway, when I came across healthy specimens later, I dared.

I am practicing yoga today. Thanks to it, I can endure anything and anyone. During my breaks, I feel like an electronic device with all the intertwined wires waiting to be opened one by one. I do not work out of contact. Or let me just say it is like a mixed wool hank. I cannot open a single piece without scissors at the knots. Scissoring yourself is also not normal.

Yoga increases the strength of man

Thanks to studying psychology for the last two years, I understand better the feeling of well-being that is stabilized during and after practicing yoga (during the hours and days). They have neuropsychological explanations. I don’t want to know now. Maybe I can try to say a few words as if we were drinking coffee sitting down. Yoga allows the nerves surrounding the body to communicate with each other. Thanks to this communication, the body has the opportunity to work properly. It releases some hormones it needs, reduces and balances those that don’t. One feels good when he comes into contact with his body that he has forgotten, running around as a head.

Yoga is good for people. It is an ointment for the pain that the eye cannot see, the hand cannot hold, and the latest model brain scanning devices cannot display. It increases your stamina. How can I say more, I don’t know. I wish everyone practiced yoga. The internal combustion pains are relieved, the eye accepts what it sees and ears more easily.

Where are things starting to get mixed up?

The place where the practitioner should know how to stop is when he says “I wish”. Who made all those words of love, the salon-teacher named it, rolled on the ground and said, “Look, just do it, it will be very good. Come on, come on, it can be on the carpet, the mat is not necessary, come and try it ”. But it is still harmless. The caricature of the work. It makes those who hear, witness, and listen afterwards laugh.

The annoying thing is after that. The desire of man to perpetuate the well-being that his body produces, also at the mental level. That’s why he heard, read, accepted the ideas he liked and started living according to him. Trying to invite those around him and those he encounters to his new way of life.

Yoga is ‘never mind’, it feels safe

I summarized it quickly, let me explain. How “love” fills people with goodness and why this love annoys some. I think I have a bit of a right both as someone who is “filled with love” by practicing yoga and also “annoyed with love” (insider).

Indeed, it is not only the body that relaxes with yoga. The mind relaxes simultaneously as the neural network sends the message “everything is fine” to the brain. With the effect of closing eyes that cut off the relationship with the outside world, that state of “complete goodness” makes the person who has disturbing thoughts in his mind say: “Ah-maan… Never mind…” This is not a feeling limited to a few minutes. Its effects continue in the following hours and days. Strange but true: You’re getting nervous when you’re nervous.

The comfort felt with eyes closed is not simple enough to be overlooked by saying “Yes, okay, we got it, it sounds good.” Closing your eye, primitive brain predator, lightning, etc. convinced that he is away from danger and saying to himself, “I’m safe.” “Never forget” to people, resist this trust.

With those eyes closed, you really don’t care about many things that you see as a danger. Nothing to be underestimated. All relationships and events that he neglects, he sees as “danger” and whose source is human. It is very important for human beings that the people around him / her life cease to be a threat. When he does not see it as a danger, he is not vigilant. He stops developing self-defense tactics against possible blows.

This is where the relationship between giving up and love is established. There are two influences, one from the inside and the other from the outside. The insider is this: You see that you can have good feelings for the one who does not cause disturbing emotions. As you search for words to express the emotion you feel, you hear expelled voices: Love … Teachings say: Love everything, love everyone. “Is it possible?” It feels like it might be “love” what you’re feeling. “Yes, this is love… In fact, a person loves everything, everybody if he wants.”

The moment your love is allergic

There is nothing to argue about. Yoga feels great. But the general name of the feelings that fill the human body during and after yoga is not “love”. Is it possible to give a generalizable name, I’m not sure. As it reduces mental confusion and threat perception, yoga offers people the opportunity to feel many positive emotions while alleviating negative emotions on the axis of anger-hate-fear. But negative emotions do not turn into all-out love. I do not speak only from my experiences, they have scientific explanations. You understand when your path crosses with someone who has deliberately hurt you (like someone who has hit you). You notice when you are faced with someone who does unscrupulous work (like cutting a dog’s paws). Or when someone narrows down their living space, a handful tries to steal their freedom (like those who show up frequently in the news). Love can be felt when there is no threat or danger, or when there are no situations to suggest them. That is why we cannot call it love for what yoga makes you feel. Perhaps endurance can be a more accurate definition.

This is the crossroads where the teachings of “love everybody, love everything” lose their validity. Man can learn to tolerate everyone for his own sake, but he cannot love everyone, even if they want to.

“Will I learn to love from those who talk about loving everyone and not salute the other neighbor?” I would understand if I hadn’t heard him say, “I don’t practice yoga!” why he put his slogan. In the coordinate that man finds himself in anger with love. I’m not a stranger. I saw followers who did not salute when he laid his mat next to him and entered the hall like a cult leader and plunged into love-themed conversation corridors. The love produced in this atmosphere causes allergies even to those who practice yoga.

The search for psychological guarantees

Well, if yoga is such a wonderful thing, why do some of those who do get caught up in an untrue torrent of love? He adopts and repeats the teaching words about love that I do not want to repeat here? I think these repetitions are a way of maintaining the well-being produced by the body in the mind and providing psychological guarantee. As I see it, it is becoming a belief and a way of life. A cluster of clouds that placate fears and promise love. Like all belief systems, it dulls people. He is looking for a disciple-friend who prefers to describe drowsiness as birch. Sincerely but … It is so beautiful that this state of physical and mental well-being … I wish more people could taste this happiness! What a beautiful place the world would be then!

Maybe it is true for other beings on another planet, and science can even prove this realm in the future. However, in the world we live in, it is not possible for a person to love everyone with the brain they carry. It is impossible for the brain programmed to survive to love everyone, everything.

Yoga is an excellent way to relax the body and mind, to take care of one’s self, to listen, to understand and transform as a natural consequence, to “know oneself”. But that’s all. Maybe something more can be added. “How did you know yourself?” There is also a side that teaches people to remain silent, unless one asks. What is certain is that he did not make anyone a butterfly of love.

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