Does pulling your tummy in make you weak?

Does pulling your tummy in make you weak?

Many abdominal exercise It works the superficial abdominal muscles. Gastric vacuum exercise targets our innermost abdominal muscle, the transversus abdominis. This muscle, also known as the inner abdominal wall, acts as a barrier in front of the organs in the abdominal cavity, preventing them from coming out. Since it is deep muscle, it does not work very well in classical abdominal exercises. It is one of the accessory respiratory muscles and therefore works during deep breathing.

The gastric vacuum exercise requires you to breathe in as much air as possible and then exhale while pulling your stomach in as much as possible. When you look like your stomach is trying to stick to your back, it means you’re doing the right thing. Beginners can modify the movement by resting their hands on a table.

Unfortunately, no exercise alone can get you to your dream physique. The only way to melt the fat in the belly area is to lose weight, but by working this muscle and tightening it will create a stronger abdominal wall, it allows you to minimize the appearance of swelling created by a full stomach. If it is balanced with a healthy diet and cardio work, it is quite possible to achieve the results you want.

  • Try to apply it in the morning when your stomach is still empty.

  • Working at a high intensity suddenly can come back to you as a stomachache the next day. Start with slow, short reps and increase when you feel ready.

  • If you feel dizzy, stop the movement and keep the set shorter the next time you try.


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