Does coronavirus vaccine break the fast?

Does coronavirus vaccine break the fast?

While the vaccination process continues due to the pandemic, people who fasted during Ramadan and were vaccinated “Does the Covid-19 vaccine break the fast?” The question raised the issue. The High Council of Religious Affairs clarified this issue with its statement. The explanation is as follows:

“The substances given to the body regarding the treatment methods in the context of injections and vaccines and those who break the fast are the following:

  • Having a vitamin-containing injection

  • Food and pleasure injections

  • To have endoscopy, colonoscopy, regional and general anesthesia applied by the administration of an external substance with water, oil and similar food characteristics

  • Undergoing peritoneal dialysis

  • Hemodialysis with IV serum

Among the treatment methods used in the context of injections and vaccines, the ones that do not break the fast are as follows:

  • Vaccines for epidemics

  • Needles to relieve pain

  • Only therapeutic needles without nutritious content

  • Needles used in local anesthesia to numb a certain part of the body

  • Having hemodialysis without giving any liquid substance to the patient

  • Having an angiography and biopsy
  • To attach medicated tape to the body

Our Board has concluded in 2005 that vaccines that are not nutritious or pleasurable will not invalidate the fast. Today, the views of international fatwa assemblies are in this direction. “

The statement made by ─░dris Bozkurt, Member of the Religious Affairs High Board of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, on the subject is as follows: “This is an important measure in order to protect health, stay healthy and prevent transmission. I would like to remind you that fasting is not an obstacle. No vaccine, including coronavirus vaccine, contains nutritious vitamins and nutrients in it. Injecting such a thing into the body does not break the fast, but in terms of acting cautiously, it can be between iftar and imsak. This situation will not hurt. “

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