Do we want to remarry?  |  Relationship

Do we want to remarry? | Relationship

Our connection with my ex-wife has never been broken. We don’t have a child either. We meet constantly, ask about each other’s condition, and see each other from time to time. Actually, I thought we had no love for each other. I don’t mean this in a bad way, the love necessary for a husband and wife relationship was over, so we broke up. We never thought of giving each other a second chance, I don’t know why. In my opinion, because we were lovers for a long time and we lived in the same house, we got bored with each other and our love ran out because our excitement was gone.

As I said for our divorce, there was no obvious reason other than that. We’ve been seeing each other often lately. Just like in the early days of our relationship, we are trying to meet somewhere by contracting, even though the environment is not suitable for the moment or we started talking about our common pleasures again. It is as if we are sharing everything from the beginning, as if we are trying everything from the beginning. With one difference: the distance between us.

For some reason, we are more cautious as if we hurt each other. Of course, like every divorced couple, we didn’t want to get divorced and we were sad, but we didn’t hurt each other or have anything to distance ourselves from. At least that’s how mine feels, I don’t know if it’s his.

I wish I knew how he felt, or at least I knew why we acted the way we did. As a matter of fact, I’m not clear from my point of view. It seems to me that we are afraid of upsetting each other, but I don’t know…

I cannot fully attach meanings to my feelings. Do I want to remarry, do we? If we want it, why do we want it? Since I don’t know what I want to do, I can’t open this issue to him either? Maybe he’s caught in the middle like me, or maybe he’s starting to have feelings for me again. I can’t decide what to feel…

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