Do eye drops invalidate fasting?

Do eye drops invalidate fasting?

With the month of Ramadan, many questions about health and fasting are on their minds. One of the questions on the minds of fasting people is whether the measures they will take to protect their eye health will invalidate their fasting or not. Prof. Dünyagöz Ataköy, who stated that eye health should not be neglected especially during Ramadan and that the eye drops used do not affect fasting. Dr. Hüsnü Güzel “Fasting patients can use eye drops recommended by their physicians with peace of mind. The Ministry of Religious Affairs also issued a fatwa on this issue, putting an end to the question marks in the minds ”he says.

Underlining that during Ramadan, patients whose eye health treatments are ongoing or who have problems in their eyes should not disrupt the interventions recommended by doctors for no reason. Dr. Güzel said, “During the months of Ramadan, questions about whether eye drops cause a problem or not are reached to us. At this point, it is important to raise awareness about the fatwa published by the Directorate of Religious Affairs, stating that using eye drops will not break the fast. Because, like every disease, continuity is very important in the treatment of eye diseases. The eye, which is one of the organs that cannot regenerate itself in our body, requires extra care. Therefore, both the diagnosis and the treatment should be done correctly and continued. “There is no obstacle to treatment during Ramadan,” he says.

In the fatwa, where the Supreme Council of Religious Affairs emphasized that the amount of medicine dropped into the eye was too little and some of it was thrown out with the blink of an eye, “There is a possibility that very little of the drop reaches the digestive tract. When this information was evaluated, it was said that eye drops do not break the fast ”.

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