Developing self-control skills of babies playing with their fathers |  Mother

Developing self-control skills of babies playing with their fathers | Mother

The study by Cambridge University School of Education and LEGO Foundation academics revealed results on how the games played by fathers in the 0-3 age period affect babies. Academics who are experts in the game, games played with dad investigated whether it makes a difference in the development of the baby according to the game played with the mother. According to the results, although there is no superiority compared to the game played with the mother, the games played with the father, in other words, the type of games that fathers prefer more, provide a special contribution to the baby. Babies who have the chance to play with their fathers often, when they grow up self-control skill wins easily. Covid-19 pandemisi The role of fathers in the development of babies who need to stay at home while driving is emphasized by experts through the play.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, children of all ages had to spend a long time at home. Since the pandemic has not ended, it seems uncertain what will happen in the autumn period. on the other hand coronavirus born and raised in intelligence development of babies They also need different stimuli and interaction. Although mothers play a major role in the care of the baby in the first months, the role of fathers is especially reminded when it comes to the development of the baby in all areas. According to experts, fathers create more time to play with their babies, especially during the pandemic period. infant intelligence development, also forward-looking social-emotional skills support is of particular importance. Active games played by fathers, when babies reach their childhood years behavior problems reduces their risk. Father-baby games also self-control skill lays the foundations to win.

While mothers are almost a whole with the baby, starting from pregnancy until the age of 2-2.5, especially due to breastfeeding, fathers establish physical contact during the care of the baby or playing with the baby. When fathers play with their babies, such as tickling, chasing, cuddling or dancing while holding hands, they have the chance to establish physical contact. The study, which determined that fathers preferred games with physical contact in terms of play style, revealed that this was very beneficial for babies. It is stated by the researchers that physical games have a very important role in the development of the baby and the social-emotional development in childhood. bouncing the baby in the air such as health may be harmful Families are warned about games.

What are physical games good for?

Fundamental parent-child play in the first years of life social and cognitive skills known to support The games that fathers play with their children are characterized by physical contact, even for the youngest babies. Instead of structured games in the 0-3 age period, games that develop spontaneously under the leadership of the child and in interaction with the father also have an important place in the development of the baby. Push-pull games such as “Swipe-Squirt Boatman” fall into this category. Games that may seem loud, simple, or even vulgar father-baby games counted among them.

In the study conducted at Cambridge University, many research data on the subject in the last 40 years were compiled. In all results, the ability of children playing games with their fathers to control their emotions in later years with the father-child game appeared to be linked. Babies who play one-on-one and long-term with their fathers hyperactivity or emotional-behavioral problems was found to be less likely to exhibit. In addition, when these babies grow up, they are in conflict with their peers. able to control their anger better detected.

The physical games played by the father and the child, starting from infancy, are important for the child in school life and social environments in the following years. your social skills benefits its development. Emotional fluctuations in games such as tickling, wrestling and rolling help the child to be emotionally prepared for his future life. physical games While helping the child learn to regulate their emotions, this skill also facilitates the regulation of their behavior in social environments and schools in the future.

Professor Paul Ramchandani, who works in the field of Education, Development and Learning at Cambridge University, said the following on the subject; “The results of our research do not mean that the effect of father-child play is greater than that of mother-child play. However, according to the findings, a reasonable amount of play by the father with his child even as early as 0-3 years old. in the development of the child It benefits.”

According to the statement of the research professor, physical play self-regulation skills creates exciting and fun situations that require them to develop Physical games require controlling power, learning when things go too far, and this is based on games played in infancy. Children experience controlling their reactions in the safe environment provided by their fathers and can learn to act differently the next time if necessary. Games played with dad in the development of children’s self-control skills it is effective.

Experts, baby’s intelligence development He emphasizes that there is a need for systems that provide time and space so that parents can play games with their babies in the 0-3 age period.

Despite the benefits of father-child play, the researchers stress that children living with their mothers alone do not have to be disadvantaged. your mothers They also state that children will benefit from the same if they add the kind of physical games that fathers prefer more to their playtime with their children.

The study also father-child games It reveals that it gradually increases in early childhood and decreases gradually in the 6-12 age period. This too to school term Fathers are expected to come to the rescue of children who spend less time with their friends, especially because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Compiled and translated by: Senem Tahmaz


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