Destroyed Tombs |  Life

Destroyed Tombs | Life

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Every new death, they don’t have an old grave.

This is the solidarity of the dead. Each new bone buried in the ground reminds of bones that previously met with the ground. So the dead come together.

This union of the dead hurts people who are still alive to their bones. Actually, this is a gift given to the living. Because it opens your heart to the end with a force that you cannot resist. While blood is dripping from one side of the cut, the other side is covered with honey. Its name is called Yas.

When talking about mourning, mostly grief is spoken, it is true. Grief is the blood-dripping sharp side of the knife that I mentioned above, which Mourn uses to open your heart and has two tastes on both ends. But it’s not just that.

I think Yas is an incomplete and misunderstood character. It is alive. I want to tell about Mourning for those who have never met him or whose acquaintance has been reduced to the level of “grief” for unfortunate reasons. Because this is an action that needs to be done, even too late to be done.

The word “grief” in English is derived from the word gravare, which means “heavy” in Latin. The same root (gravare) also forms the basis of words meaning “gravity” and “serious”. It feels like this may be the starting point where I feel understood and I feel you understand me. This weight not only causes deep sorrow, but if patiently passed through and his companionship accepted, it changes the accent of that person’s soul, offering a sense of divine insight. The channel of expressing the view of art, admiration of music, poetry and painting or inner world of many people who defend their mourning is opened in any artistic way. Because Mourning with its weight stops you, slows you down, hurts your bones and cuts your heart open. In this way, the hidden corners of your heart / consciousness / subconscious are exposed in a way that you have not been aware of until then. Other ways for life to flow through you become possible.

In most societies that are called modern, there are also societies that perceive the concepts of insight, inspiration, time and sacred differently, despite the tendency to interpret what happened in the mourning process as a situation that requires a medical and / or psychological intervention. In these societies, insomnia, withdrawal from people, little speech or lack of appetite are seen as the gateway to mental states that produce healing. Especially the need to be alone with oneself and deep listening states are almost a prerequisite for gaining spiritual power and becoming receptive to the inspirations of the visible / invisible realms.

While the conditions of adapting to modern life depend on situations such as being fast, doing several things together, acting skillfully in time management and planning, Yas’s hospitality slows you down because it is impossible for you to enter that deep listening state without slowing down.

When you slow down, if you allow, life flows through your broken heart in its purest form. It tastes like honey. This is called Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, like Yas, has been misunderstood. The practices of gratitude in modern societies that I am talking about are more automatic reflexes based on the fear of losing what we have. The real gratitude is not only the good things that make us comfortable in life or the good things that happen to us, but also the gratitude and admiration for the flow of life – for the better and for the worse.

Yas and Şükran are always together. There is Şükran behind the veil of Yas, who was duly hosted.

For those who do not slow down, who are not comrades of mourning, or who cannot go to the depths of their heart, every death they encounter later comes and searches the old deaths. After all, Mourning is nothing more than your dead protecting life.

Yas is like surfing with big waves. It can be both exciting and deadly. Its lethality is that you then continue your life as if nothing had happened.

Until an ancient grave that has been probed drips blood first and then honey from your heart.

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