Decision taken for itself |  Life

Decision taken for itself | Life

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Until recently I considered myself to be extremely indecisive; And so I was … Interestingly, the smaller the decision I wanted to make, the more difficult I was to get clearer in big decisions. For example, when it comes to resigning from a job, I was able to do it quickly after thinking long and hard about eating chocolate wafers or multiconat.

Nowadays, I can clearly see the decision that it would be beneficial for me to take on almost every issue, large and small, and almost always. And right here, let me change the wording: I don’t make much decisions anymore, actually, the decision takes itself; that is, it occurs spontaneously.

Decision making sounds like a pretty mental thing to me. The person looks at events and situations; evaluates them, develops an analytical process and as a result makes some decisions. In this process, he mostly tries to shape his future in the light of past experiences.

I am neither a person who calls the mind trash, as it is fashionable lately, nor am I opposed to learning from the past, but I think both of these have polluting effects in decision-making processes.

The mind guides us around what we learn, see and hear. Although its existence is extremely vital, it is also quite dirty. It contains fears, traumas, and memorization, most of which are memorized from outside (family, friends, society …). Therefore, when we think that we make decisions with our free will, we may be dealing with what is filtered through a dirty filter. My experience and observations show that this is mostly what happened.

And again, even if the mind looks outside of the dirty states I have written above, it ultimately makes decisions by processing the data of the past, which is not desirable. In the past, I was someone else, you and that too … The world was different, the environment was also … And when we try to make decisions in the light of the data of the past, we try to do it through people and things that do not exist at the moment (because they all changed) and therefore it is auspicious. reaching the final decision is only a coincidence.

It is precisely for these reasons that I have become completely alienated from the act of taking decisions, and for these reasons I am trying to make room for the decision to take itself. And believe me, I am never wrong as long as I do this. Because the decision to take oneself means to open my ears to the call of my heart, that is, to the call of my soul, and to deliver the process to those who want to take place. I do not think that something that comes from my heart could be wrong, and what happens naturally can have unfortunate consequences. At least my experiences so far are in this direction without exception.

Our essence remains clean and connected to the whole. He whispers to us all the time, sometimes shouts what we should be, what we should do … He speaks to us, free from the burdens of the past, because he is always present. He has no business with past traumas, sadness, and other negative feelings. There is always and only enthusiasm, excitement. I can never imagine anyone listening to him would have his back.

Perhaps we are at war with the world, with others and with ourselves, as the vast majority of people make decisions and live this way, not through their essence but through their contaminated mind. It is more evident than ever that this is not working, and new ways are sought. For me this is a positive thing. As long as we can remember to pause the search outside and listen inside more. The rest is goodness, beauty …

By the way, “Even the worst decision is better than indecision.” There is a saying, I agree on the contrary. I think “Indecision is better than an untimely decision.” it must be. It seems strange to me that while there is a perfect chaos in the universe, we are forced to think and make decisions and try to fix things. As I wrote above, the decisions that arise in their own flow are already something else; maybe we should call them the baby of the natural flow rather than the decision …

And finally … We have to wait long enough for the decision to take itself. When we leave it alone, sometimes decisions that occur very quickly sometimes make them wait. In my opinion, in any situation where there is no obligation to make a decision, it is best to wait. I am talking about an active waiting, of course, one where we ask questions and open ourselves to answers. In my opinion, our job is to ask questions and repeat this. There is no need to rush for an answer. There is no need to look for the answer. The answers find us when we ask the right questions. Right on time…

And when the verdict occurs; Then the time has come for the mind to be more active, in my opinion. We are headed in the direction our heart is whispering, and now is the time to find out how to get there. Now “how?” It is time to question. (see “what?” first, then “how?”)

The indecisiveness over whether to make a lot of chocolate or a chocolate wafer probably came from thinking too much. Had I closed my eyes and asked myself which one I wanted, it would probably have made much faster and more accurate decisions.


Not: I wrote these lines almost four years ago, I would express some places differently today, but I am in a largely similar place. I wanted to share with a few minor changes.

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